Sunday, 25 May 2008

So much to blog, so little space! part 3.

and Finally - even though this looks like it is first...ahem.

(and I have just figured out how I could have made it all one post...)

Megan from Maximum Rabbit Designs let me know on Friday that my dolly was in the post, and to be ready to be woken up on Saturday morning...

The sun was shining, SSB's had gone down stairs to brew fresh coffee for our weekend morning 'together time' and came upstairs carrying said coffee and a lovely parcel...what could it be???

Made SSB go and fetch camera from the sewing room before I could open anything - hurry up!!!

another parcel in the parcel, a lovely card, and this...

well, Megan recons she has never made a doll before! so can I now counter claim to have deflowered you of your doll making virginity???

She is absolutely adorable! and so clever - she is a bit of a goth, who I like to think started as a punk, shaved her head, then changed her mind and got THE FUNKIEST wigs!

Here she is in day mode, overlooking all the fabulous goodies she came with, sporting a risque but stylish red hair cut...

and here she is ready for a night out with oober stylish goth hair.

Thanks so much Megan - I have really enjoyed my first swap - you are super ace swap partner!

and here is her bottom...
(errr...not Megans! hehe)

She is ruling to roost in the sewing room!
on with the toadstool next!

So much to blog, so little space! part 2.

ok, ok, this is all upside down, back to front, and Topsy turvey - but hey, that seams to be life's theme at the moment!

Just take a look at these delicious fabrics - mum paid for me a 12 month subscription to 'the cotton patch' free spirit fabric club. I get 8 fat quarters - quarterly! and I can't bring myself to use them! they look so lovely together, although I do have the seed's of an idea for them - cutting them will be soooo hard!!! :~)

I have been experimenting with different applique techniques and colours I wouldn't normally use - quite liking the results, though I am not sure what to make out of my 'samples' as yet - I am sure inspiration is just around the corner...

And look what arrived! My gorgeous earrings from Kathy at My Life and Other Beads. I am so in love with them, I feel ever so feminine wearing them - and SSB's had to get the pliers out to get my last pair of earring out. I had been wearing them for 4 years, and they wouldn't budge (made from cocoa shells and a thorn!) but I felt it was time to make a change, and these lovely hearts could not have arrived at a better time!

but there is more to come...!!!

So much to blog, so little space! part 1.

Not sure where to start! I have been avidly reading blogs all week, and haven't had time to post anything to my own - then when it comes to it, I have so much I want to post, I can't fit it all onto one post (although I am sure there is a way...)

I have been working with some recycled fabrics. This is a cushion I have been working on - the main fabric is an old Ikea curtain, the pink lace is from 'grandma's' box of delights! the ribbon from a bag of bits Taryn bought me, and the patterned fabric was a dress sis-in-law's sis gave me that was a little bit on the tight side - but I loved the fabric I couldn't bear to part with it.

Finally finished some knitting - this little kit was bought from 'web of wool' at the knitting and stitching show a few years ago

I am NOT a quick knitter, but I absolutely love the way this wool knits up to look like fair isle.

I swapped the lining fabric that came with the kit to another fabric from the same people, but I

thought this looked nicer with the shades

it is actually turtles on the pattern.

Had to make something else from the dress fabric - so another pin cushion was created - yet to receive a pin.

and a lovely scented heart for another sis-in-law who's birthday was last week. I thought it would be nice to put a few essential oils into the stuffing, so she could hand it in the wardrobe - went a little over the top however, and now everything in the sewing room smells of bergamot.

Later found the rose maroc I had been trying to find for the heart - d'oh! oh well, next time.
It has just been another one of those incredibly busy weeks, I have no idea how I have managed to get into the sewing room at all, never mind make anything - it really is excellent therapy, unless I sew too late in the evening, then I can't sleep for idea's!

Sunday, 18 May 2008

Clitheroe Festival

So, as usual, I get myself all worked up and terrified, and as usual, everything works out fine in the end! We had a great day at the festival, and the drumming went down really well - hard work, but worth it, my poor arms were aching, and my finger tips stung, but that is always a reminder of a good day. Here is a very rare photo of me, second from the left with the big doundounba drums.

There had been a flag making workshop a few weeks ago I was supposed to go to, but couldn't make it at the last minute. The flags were displayed above the shops through the town, and looked fab - I really liked this one, but couldn't read it as I had forgotten my glasses. I want my own flag now!!! Look at the lovely grey sky above it. The rain held off all day until our last performance, so we played under the shop canopy of 'cowman's famous sausage shop' - really, the only way is up from here on in!

With an hour to kill between each performance, I ended up, inevitably, in the charity shops. I think Clitheroe has to be the small town charity shop capital, there are at least 8!
One of those wonderful serendipitous events occurred. I had less that 24 hours earlier commented on the lovely Megan at maximum rabbit designs blog regarding her obsession and growing collection of Russian dolls, that I never ever see them around here. The first thing I spot in charity shop number one is a Russian doll. The woman behind the counter tells me she has just put it out, and does she know me? I turned out we were in Pinocchio together about 28 years ago in the Whalley Church Players.
Anyway, back to the Russian dolls... I couldn't wait to get back to the car and take them apart and see what was inside, as the main doll was quite small - just look! 10 dolls!!! - it is a 1p piece at the end, so 3 of the dolls are smaller than a penny!

My second charity shop moment of bliss was this coffee service. It had been in the shop a few weeks at £10, and I really couldn't justify spending that on it, even though it is royal doulton. anyway, I went in the shop, and it had gone. pottered about the brick a brack at the other end of the shop, and there it was! It had been reduced to £5. I decided it was meant to be mine, and swiftly took it to the counter. it is now sitting on the kitchen window sill. I took the shot with the back yard in just because everyone is showing off there gorgeous gardens at the moment. I have never managed to get a house with a garden, but love gardening, I even studied horticulture for a while. I love my tiny yard really, and just try and make the most of it, everything is in bright pots, and I couldn't help myself with the walls and shed door, blue and Post box red! ok ok, I like it! and finally - WHERE HAS THE SUNSHINE GONE?????

Friday, 16 May 2008

life is to hectic!

Life is far too hectic at the moment! well, actually, life is pretty much the same as always, but when I don't get time to craft, then it is too hectic...
the new copy of country living was purchased last night, and only got 5 minutes to flick through it this morning before I left for work, but saying that, it has to entertain me for a whole month, so better to pace myself I think.

Tomorrow I am off to the Clitheroe Festival - and long story short, I am doing several performances playing the 'doundounba' accompanying a lovely Gambian called Mbackeh Darboe. the truly scary part is that we have only met a couple of times, we have never actually performed or even practiced or played together, and I have to just turn up at 11am, and launch straight into a piece I know nothing about! it should be interesting to say the least. I am trying to be calm and Buddhist about it, while my stomach is actually in knots! - oh, I am sure it will be fine...

Daughter unit has decided at the very last minute to go to London for the weekend to an art exhibition, not sure who it is, but his work includes a urinal - told her to fetch me a key ring back if they are urinal shaped, (can think of several people it would make an ideal gift for! hehehe) so also apprehensive about my baby going off to the big smoke all alone at her tender age - she will be stopping with relatives, so should be OK, and she has her mobile, but never quite sure if that is a good thing or not, because if she doesn't answer I go straight into panic mode.

then hopefully, at the end of all that, I have taken Monday off work with a view to actually getting onto the sewing room for a little therapy.

so - lets hope the weather holds up for the weekend, drumming is spectacular and child returns safely from big adventure, then all will be right with the world.

Monday, 5 May 2008

bargains in yorkshire!

Taryn and I went for a quiet day out in Skipton on Saturday. It was the hottest day all week, the market was on, it was a bank Holiday weekend, and there was a longboat festival on, so we shared the town with what felt like about ten million other people! still managed to get into a cafe for cool drinks and sandwiches, and squeezed through bits of the market until we got to the charity shop end of the town - look what I found!!! this was £4.50 - had to double check with the guy behind the counter, then carry it back to the car, it weighed a tonne but was worth it, I love it! SSB was unimpressed, and said he would continue to use the toilet, should the urge take him in the night.Same shop, found this gorgeous white work linen table cloth - £1 - it greeves me that someones hard work is only sold for a £1, but really glad I found it all the same! So Taryn and I left Skipton, windows down in the car, and singing erasure's 'chorus' at the top of our lungs. hehehe, one of those mother daughter moment! the cheesier the better we say!
OK - today I have been mostly working on my doll for the doll swap - I have in fact got it finished, but it isn't ready to post off here are some sneaky peeks. Hope I haven't given too much away!

what could it be????

Sunday, 4 May 2008

Elephants and Silverdale

At the beginning of the week, I had a fit of Elephant making come over me. I found some wonderful buttons in Grandma's button tin that made perfect eyes. so two days later here are the elephants all on parade in front of the machine. I love this pattern, but feel it is time to stop the herd from growing any further...and move onto one of the million other projects I have stuck in my head at the moment.

On the strength of someone mentioning a heat wave last week, I booked Friday off work. It then proceeded to rain every day up to Friday. We decided to go to Silverdale, north of Lancaster, for the day anyway. This is my favourite chilling out place possibly on the planet! And it couldn't have been a more wonderful day. Coffee at Wolf House Gallery first, sitting in the sunshine watching Shauny sugar buns eat Sticky toffee pud... then down to the sea front. Took loads of pickies, the sun was out, the tide was out-ish, and there was no sound pollution at all, the only noise was the from the seabirds and the odd pheasant.

The smell of these wall flowers was sooo delicious, of course SSB had to climb up for a closer look, while I sat on a big rock waiting for the crash

Further along the shore was a tree stump. it had been there for a long time, and the whole thing had the most amazing colouring, it looks like some kind of fungus or weathering - took loads of photo's of it close up, but I think this one shows it best

and a view of Morcambe Bay - through the stump...And finally, the lane leading down to the cove where we left the car - look, no people either!!!

I love this place, it has everything, Sea, cliffs, ancient woodland, sweet meadows, stone cottages, old wells, walled gardens, sunsets, and about 37 years of memories - ahhhhh! wonderful