Sunday, 21 August 2011

Life's what you make it.

life's what you make it
Celebrate it
Anticipate it
Yesterday's faded
Nothing can change it
Life's what you make it

It's been a quick 2 weeks since my last blog! Here at the JuicyFig house we have been making the most of our situation, I have been doing piece work at my mum and dads to earn a bit of cash, we have done car boot sales, tried to sell a pile of shoes given to us by a relative to help us out, we have made use of the halogen oven since our own oven has a broken element we can't afford to repair or replace, we had a budget home made TAPAS 20th birthday party for baby Fig, made some good sales on e-bay, went to a fantastic jumble sale at Hurst Green, judged the photographs at the Sabden Village show, put more stuff on e-bay (a lovely size 12 silk skirt by Monsoon), oh and I made 1 pair of jeans out of 2 pairs I had that had worn out - chopping the legs off them both and sewing the good legs to the good top bit, think 'Barbara from The Good life'  and now we are preparing for my Grandma's 97th birthday on Wednesday!

...stops for a breath...
oh - and in between, listening to loads of old vinyl records. Baby Fig came home with a record player and made me feel VERY old by asking me how to work it and getting totally confused between 45 and 33 rpm!

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

CountryFile Photo Competition...if only...

  In the UK we have a TV programme called Country file - it has been going for years and years, and used to be the highlight of my Sunday mornings as I relaxed with a coffee and dreamed of my little farm and my hens and pigs etc. It then suddenly became a really popular programme and was moved to a prime Sunday evening slot.
Every year they hold a photo competition, and every year I yearn to enter it, but NEVER get around to it for loads or poor excuses - mostly because I don't think anything I have photographed is good enough - but this year I though I would go for it.
After going through piles of photo's and going on long 'nature' walks I chose 3 photo's I was reasonably happy with and this morning Mr Juicy went and posted them for me - the closing date is midnight on the 12th August. But...
I don't care if I win or not! I will be watching each episode now as they sift through the THOUSANDS of entries and if I see even the tiniest glimpse of ANY of my photo's my year will be made!
I shall be seen and heard leaping off the sofa screaming "that was my picture!" and ringing friends and relatives. 
So - If you are a Country file fan, keep your eye's pealed and let me know if you see any of the above!

(the baby frog is on the end of my finger tip!)