Monday, 9 February 2009

Blue - I love you!

Ahhh, we might not have any 'proper' snow around here, but we have had some lovely sunny days, and since I quit working Mondays, weekends have a slightly more relaxed feel to them.
So - languishing is the key!
I knock on the floor when I awake, and hubby who has usually been up for hours already rushes and brews a fresh mug of coffee for me - ah, if only I could sit there all day tapping out instructions from the bedroom, imagining him scurrying around trying to make the house spic and span for when I finally drag my carcase out of bed!

I had been inspired to make some lavender scented sachets for the linen cupboard - well, actually they are going onto my new little Etsy shop - eventually when the computer decides to work properly (why doesn't it listen when I shout at it and bang the mouse up and down???)
Also. a new WIP for my Etsy shop - some children's socks made from a lovely vintage vogue knitting pattern

And then I noticed, how much of my weekend has been 'blue' - I wouldn't say I had a favorite colour, but looking around the house and my life spaces in general, I think I have a definite leaning towards all things blue, the colour of the sky, the sea, my eyes! it is a cold clean colour, fresh, bright...well it always makes me happy!

and my grape hyacinths flowered this week - the best 75p spent in a while!

Monday, 2 February 2009

February Snow

Can you believe it! this was taken in February 2008!

It is so cold! - February has arrived with snow and wind and left me shivering - however! my multi fuel fire is warming me twice as promised. Once chopping and gathering the wood - one again on the lighting, sitting of an evening with my feet stretched out on the foot stool, wearing my hand knit socks - knitted by my grandma about 20 years ago (and still looking like new!)

A good friend let me borrow his chain saw - I was like a wild woman this morning out in the backs, work bench set up, goggles on and safety gloved, I felt like waving the chain saw in the air and holing like a crazy wolf when I cut through my first log!

Not sure how the money saving is going - still haven't used the tumble drier once since Christmas, and the heating has been on very little - keep going round the house switching off anything on standby - we will see!