Friday, 29 October 2010

size doesn't always matter!

Just a quickie today - two more projects I have been working on this week...

First of all this teeny tiny Bunny Nugget - free pattern from Ravelry!! this is so cute and simple to make, so look out for more colours and a bunny nugget invasion!

And secondly my GIANT needle rug I am knitting - there is only one place in the house I can sit to use these bad boys - and I am using 6 balls of wool at a time, though I could probably fit another 6 balls to make it thicker - if I could afford to!

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

It's amazing what you find in Birmingham!

A couple of weeks ago I had made a resolution to myself to blog more, read more, etc etc, this week I am making a resolution to not make any more resolutions!
I am sure when I was a kid that time went a lot slower - holidays lasted for ever, weekends stretched out to infinity on a Friday and Monday was an eternity away, Christmas really was some dream in the far far distance - These days it feels like not only the weeks are shorter, but the months and years too - weeks are flashing before my eyes, and it sometimes feels like we have skipped a month or two all together - and Christmas, well, Slade got there wish!

Last week My Brother and I travelled to Birmingham to help set up the sound for the first 'professional' concert my Auntie Nilam had staged. After My Uncle Died she took up Classical Indian Singing, and for the past few years has been living with her Guru-ji in South India training intensively. She now wants to do more professional performances, as most Classical Indian Music is only played and performed at private house gatherings these days.

We were in for a surprise when we found the Temple complex - I had no idea anything like this existed in the UK - this photo is of a TINY part of it!

 These two ladies were in the entrance to the community centre - I have no idea who she is, but I love the colours!

And this is my Auntie tuning up for the performance.
If you ever get the chance to go to a classic Indian concert - GO TO IT! The Audience were just so enraptured they call out and throw their hands up with passion at a particular note or phrase - and you feel yourself becoming more and more involved - wonderful!

The rest of my week has been taken up with knitting and nattering, sewing and Autumn cleaning!

I have actually completed TWO projects this week for my daughters friend who is expecting her first baby in March next year...

This gorgeous baby grow from a pattern a Friend copied for me took just over a week to complete with a few lessons in sewing up techniques from my Friend Debbie
The wool is a Regia 6 Fadig sock wool bought in Wales about 3 years ago that has been itching to be knitted ever since

And this tiny newborn Eyelet Cardi from a free Ravelry pattern by Linda at Clickertyclick
It is a seamless cardi done on a circular then 4 DPNS 

I always think most baby wools are a bit insipid - so went for something darker that will hopefully suit a boy or girl!
This is knitted in King COles Merino Blend DK with Anti-Tickle (???)

It took me about 6 hours to knit up, it grows incredibly quickly and like magic the cardi appears very quickly - a really quick and very satisfying project!

Saturday, 9 October 2010

the bit's that were left over....

 URGHHH! what rotten weather! - mind you, being British means you have to speak about the weather at least 10 times per day or it's off to the tower - and if you need to queue up to talk about the weather, then that's even more British.
I love this country!!!

I have been busy cutting up mount board to make into kits, at the end I was left with a huge pile of cardboard triangles - I hate wasting anything so sat contemplating what the triangles could be transformed into - I made a decoration for the Christmas tree, that seams to have vanished - it must be camera shy! then a friend suggested a pin cushion - so after much 'faffing about' I produced the above item - it doesn't stand up, or close quite like it should, the hinge is a bit wobbly, the corners a bit bulky and the whole thing is well...a bit impractical - so back to the drawing board! by the time I come up with something really cool to make I will have run out of triangles!

Here in the North West we are still (as far as I know) under the hose pipe ban, not that I have had cause to use a hose pipe since the ban was imposed as it hasn't stopped raining for weeks! I know I know, it's to do with drainage, geology, run off and other such technicalities - but come on! the reservoirs and rivers couldn't be much fuller! 

I caught my reflection in a puddle - I look like a puddle poodle! 

So - to try and get the better of the weather, today has been a baking day. A gluten, wheat, dairy free apple cake for Mr Juicy, Leak and potato soup and an egg and cheese using up quiche for me and baby fig - and now I am scouting round the kitchen trying to figure out what to use the rest of my short crust pastry on! 

Have a great weekend folks!

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

A Night Out at the Mechanics

Last night Mr juicy and myself treated ourselves to a very rare night out - all the way to the glamorous Burnley Mechanics to see this guy - Rich Hall. 
I haven't laughed so much for a long time - he is a funny funny guy - especially at the points where he couldn't keep that dead-pan face straight! 

There was only one slightly awkward moment when he asked the audience what Burnley is famous for - some one shouted "football" and someone else shouted "riots" - when probed further as to what the riots were about, the crowd fell silent - so he moved on swiftly!

This evening our little village knit and natter group is meeting at our new venue for the first time - a rather posh cafe that has opened in the village called "Benedict's" - never the less, I shall be there in my usual jeans and wooden clogs! I can't wait to see who turns up - so if you are ever in the area on a Wednesday evening from now on - pop in for a brew and a natter!

Right - I am off to pick up Mum, Dad and Aunt to take them all to Blackburn Market - Their Wednesday morning ritual. I am the temporary driver until my Dad is allowed to drive again in a few weeks. - Thanks to everyone who left a message about him - he is doing great at the moment - stir crazy, but great!