Wednesday, 31 December 2008

On the final day of a very long year...

Here I am sat at work on the final day of 2008.
I will freely admit that this past 12 months feels like there have been more downs than ups, but I am determined to at least be more optimistic about 2009 as I sit here wondering about my new years resolutions ready for tonight.
My baby girl has up and left home - not sure if it is for good or not yet, and she has quit collage. I can quite honestly admit that parenthood has been the most difficult job I have ever undertaken - rewarding? sometimes. would I do it again...? who knows!
on the up side, I have become an avid sock knitter - neglecting my lovely sewing room, and carrying a ball of wool and 4 double pointed needles with me everywhere - everyone got socks for Christmas!
Today is Shauny sugar buns 40th Birthday - so it is always double celebrations on New Years eve in our house - due to the credit crunch he has received a rather fetching pair of hand knitted 100% wool, walking socks - he was thrilled to bits with them knowing the time involved in such a gift.
I think my first resolution will be to blogg more often, and get the camera back out - I need the therapy!!
I will hopefully be posting some of my photo's submitted for my first assignment on the photography btech.
so for now, all that remains if for me to wash up my coffee cup, close down the computer and bit farewell to this god forsaken office until next year - and of course to wish everyone a happy healthy thrifty crafty utterly splendid new year!!!!!