Sunday, 31 January 2010

Sweet Spring Sunday Sunshine

Today has been a gloriously sunny, quiet spring Sunday.
Knitting and nattering with friends and family, the farmers market, a table top sale in the village hall and tonight we are all out to the local Indian Restaurant to celebrate Mum and Dad Ruby wedding.

Here are some sunny images of my WIP - eventually it will be a blanket - only another 95 squares to knit!
and all in the finest alpaca wool, so it should be super luxurious when it is finally completed
And below is my other current WIP - from Noro sock wool, a pair of long arm mits for Fig Jr.

It isn't the nicest of textures, a little rough for socks, but the colour changes are so juicy!

Now, if only I could just get to the end of a project!

Saturday, 30 January 2010

knit and natter time again

It seams like forever since our first Whalley knit and natter meeting - well, it was last November - and that is a different year!

So, tomorrow is our second meeting, the first of 2010 and hopefully there will be some new faces with the 'old' ones.

My darling niece Maisy comes along, she is learning to knit, is really keen, and our youngest knitter so far - I hope we get loads of younger members eventually - there is something quite special about sharing traditional craft skills with future generations who will hopefully keep these things alive and pass them on in time.

Tuesday, 19 January 2010


Mr Fig and myself have just returned from a 4 day Holiday in Marrakesh, Morocco - Our first 'get away from England' since our honeymoon almost 7 years ago.
I had booked this trip about 6 months ago on a whim while passing a travel agents as it was very cheap - and it was some where I had always really wanted to go.

Above is the Jemaa El Fna as the sun sets and the Souk hot's up for the evening's revelry
and below is Mr Fig trying not to look like a tourist in the Artisan area of the city. Thankfully he didn't purchase this outfit!

below is a shot in the Jardin Majorelle, a wonderful oasis of calm in the middle of a manic city - but only in winter - in summer it is as mad as the rest of the city, apparently.
I just love the colours used in an 'Ochre' country, and ended up spending most of my spending money on natural pigments like Indigo, Ochre, Saffron, Turquoise to dye fabrics, wools and paints back home.

The whole trip was to help us unwind and relax - this is not the city to do that in! the four days have been a whirl wind of persistent sellers and shop keepers trying to extract every last Dirham from us, crazy traffic, lovely people, hot days and cold nights, Hashish sellers, sickly scabby donkeys and cats, Arabic and French, steep kerbs, mosques, money money money...
I managed to find some peace and quiet in the form of a sunbed by the pool at the Hotel, and Elizabeth Gaskels 'Cranford' while Mr Fig went off on little adventures alone, looking for a nice restaurant for supper, or walking up hills for a view of the city.
The contrast of the ancient city on the silk route with a book about the gentility of a group of English ladies in the 1850's was perfect, the kept me sane, made me smile and even made me cry with happiness.
We have been back 2 days now - and my head is still spinning - I fell asleep last night dreaming about the lightly battered, melt in the mouth Squid we ate at the night market, with the smell of spices and wood smoke in the air.
we came back poorer (I am incapable of bartering) but wiser, and it an experience I will never forget.

So, here is the view from our hotel window as I lay having my afternoon repose!
Back to blighty, back to earth, back to work, thank god the snow had gone!