Thursday, 29 July 2010

My Creative Space...

Today I have been playing these with 30 kids aged from 3 years to 10.

We created lots of NOISE! woohooo!!!!!

Sunday, 25 July 2010

I baked a quilt!

Sometimes I finish off a project I started ages ago and wonder why I didn't bother to finish it at the time!
It only took me a couple of hours to finish this quilt, and I must admit, it isn't my best work. BUT it was a learning experience, and now I think I would have another go, but with hindsight! 
so - above is the top of the quilt...
Below is the back of the quilt

And here is a close up of that fuzzy effect I wanted!
It had to be washed and dried for the edges to fray - it was almost like waiting for a cake to bake, with me running round the house looking for My Juicy shouting "it worked!!!" "I baked a quilt"

My baby brother who lives next door to us with his partner and their 2 gorgeous children, are all off to Wales for a fortnight - this morning he has been messing about with a tiny boat and outboard motor he bought for mackerel fishing last year, readying it for it's maiden voyage ~(well, his maiden voyage with it - I think he bought it off the local scout troop) and he has been popping round to keep me updated with animal care instructions - when to feed the cat, how to handle the hamster - oh, and apparently the Sea Monkeys need feeding on a Thursday...wish me luck! (I forgot he had fish last year...and now he has none.)

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Handmade Christmas Challenge - week 1

Eek! the first Saturday arrived very quickly! 

OK - so this is not a very well thought out gift at the moment. I bought the yarn at the knit and natter yesterday (wool shops should be banned from holding k&n groups - just for the benefit of my purse!)

The yarn was in the sale tub at £1.85 - and, well, tell the truth, my mum bought it for me....

I came home with a pile of ideas and very excited to get started, then all the idea's either fell out of my head, or started to sound to complicated, or boring etc, so in the end I just cast on 100 stitches on my DPNS and set off. 

It has organically transformed itself in my head into a hat - a spiral hat with bobbles (just learned how to do them) and on top it is going to have i-cord tentacles and even perhaps some crocheted flowers....

so - people I want to to open a Christmas present and say "er...thanks...that's er...really thoughtful er....thanks?"

Mr Juicy 
My little brother
Baby Fig

Thursday, 22 July 2010

My Creative Space...

It's been a busy old day. 
An early start (yawn) at a secondary school doing an African Drumming workshop, and home before lunch! then up to the sewing room.

This is a quilt I have been working on every now and again - quilted as you go along, and the seams all showing are snipped, then when it is washed - hopefully - the snippety bits will get all fuzzy! 

Although...I think it may well end up being a cushion cover at this rate!

and I finished and listed these guys on Folksy - another dinky pin cushion with characterful lumps and bumps, and another fabric box - Mr Juicy thinks this one should be for chocolate - I prefer to store chocolate in my stomach, not a box! 

I signed up for  'my creative space' today - take a look if you fancy joining over at Kootoyoo

Saturday, 17 July 2010

bits n bobs n stuff

After a week of rain I just had to get out of the house today. What could possibly be better than an hour pottering around Clitheroe's charity shops I ask? well, a holiday in a HOT country, a day at a spa, you get the idea, but as Clitheroe is only 4 miles away, and doesn't yet have all the high street shops found everywhere else around here, Clitheroe it was! 

I picked up this hand embroidered table cloth for £2 - gorgeous colours! - this is to go with all my other table cloths for when I eventually get a house big enough to accommodate a table! 

Down the lane at Patches and Buttons I acquired 1 meter each of these fab trims - Juicy colours!

then came home and made a Pin Cushion for my Folksy Shop - as I have more than enough pin cushions myself, and yet can't help making more, plus, said juicy trim had to be used as soon as possible!

right - where did I put the wine????

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Giveaway winners! - oh, and I am back....

wow - it's over 2 weeks since I last updated my blog - I haven't even had chance to catch up on other peoples!

so - first of all - to everyone who commented on my giveaway - THANK YOU! 
Mr Juicy has just been enlisted to draw the winner...please excuse the state of his man phalanges! 

I somehow don't think he will be getting that hand modeling contract he so desperately wants! lol.
the labels actually read...

I will be posting out a prize to Clair @ Hidden Turtles in Tulips   and JP @ Life in retirement 

- I hope this gives you both inspiration to blog more!

All sorts has been happening over here at the JuicyFig household - I am still on sick leave from work, but I don't think they will be supporting my absence much longer, and I don't think I can face going back, lots of serious decision making to be done. My e-baying is going very well, and does take quite a bit of time up, I have also started to clear out my craft books on Amazon - and will hopefully be going through my holistic therapy books soon, so if you are interested in these, take a look! 
Baby Fig - who had moved in with an ex a couple of months ago decided it wasn't working out and moved home, prompting me to get on with re-decorating her room, then a week later she moved back in with the ex - she has also got herself her first full time job having given up on the idea of uni for another 12 months...

My wonderful dad has upgraded his computer again, so once again we have received his old one, I can't get used to how fast the damn thing works now, I have got into a routine of uploading photo's and making a brew while I wait!

And finally, a new toy! My lovely Elna machine needs a good service once again, but funds don't allow that at the moment - I have been using a machine we received through freecycle and had reconditioned for baby fig who doesn't have space for it, and my singer hand machine and treadle machines aren't agile enough, so mummy kins has given me her machine, bought several years ago, and never used - it is LOVELY!!! she has also given me an over locker, but that is another project all together! now I just want a project that requires embroidered ducks and apples!