Thursday, 15 July 2010

Giveaway winners! - oh, and I am back....

wow - it's over 2 weeks since I last updated my blog - I haven't even had chance to catch up on other peoples!

so - first of all - to everyone who commented on my giveaway - THANK YOU! 
Mr Juicy has just been enlisted to draw the winner...please excuse the state of his man phalanges! 

I somehow don't think he will be getting that hand modeling contract he so desperately wants! lol.
the labels actually read...

I will be posting out a prize to Clair @ Hidden Turtles in Tulips   and JP @ Life in retirement 

- I hope this gives you both inspiration to blog more!

All sorts has been happening over here at the JuicyFig household - I am still on sick leave from work, but I don't think they will be supporting my absence much longer, and I don't think I can face going back, lots of serious decision making to be done. My e-baying is going very well, and does take quite a bit of time up, I have also started to clear out my craft books on Amazon - and will hopefully be going through my holistic therapy books soon, so if you are interested in these, take a look! 
Baby Fig - who had moved in with an ex a couple of months ago decided it wasn't working out and moved home, prompting me to get on with re-decorating her room, then a week later she moved back in with the ex - she has also got herself her first full time job having given up on the idea of uni for another 12 months...

My wonderful dad has upgraded his computer again, so once again we have received his old one, I can't get used to how fast the damn thing works now, I have got into a routine of uploading photo's and making a brew while I wait!

And finally, a new toy! My lovely Elna machine needs a good service once again, but funds don't allow that at the moment - I have been using a machine we received through freecycle and had reconditioned for baby fig who doesn't have space for it, and my singer hand machine and treadle machines aren't agile enough, so mummy kins has given me her machine, bought several years ago, and never used - it is LOVELY!!! she has also given me an over locker, but that is another project all together! now I just want a project that requires embroidered ducks and apples!


handmadehappiness said...

well hello there Kath welcome back :) so lovely to see your lovely machine mines is still waiting on part's!!!!! i will have to email you with address details do you have swapness ready?!?!?!? i do can't wait to send!!!

Pooch Morning Glory said...

i hope baby fig makes it with ex ex. these are tough decisions at any age.
i dont have a machine, so yours its way cool.

topchelseagirl said...

Your machine looks lovely, look forward to seeing what you make. x