Tuesday, 28 October 2008


wow, it seams like a very long time since I was here last...well actually it is a long time.

I am not sure where to begin so think it might be best to just say that life has been hectic this summer, new people in our lives, illness's, work issues, and I am now going into winter a very tired and emotionally drained person.

I have not been into my little sewing room for weeks - I have not had the time the energy or the inspiration, but I have been knitting like a demon. Knitting was always something that created tension and angst with me, but I am finding very relaxing at the moment. I am on to my 4th pair of socks at the moment, and love every second of the creative process, and planning my next project as I knit the current one. Photo's to follow as and when.

I have also signed up for a BTEC in photography - with my daughter - at Blackburn collage. it is costing me a fortune and I don't have a digital SLR camera yet but am really enjoying using my little compact and just getting out there 'shooting' everything and everyone!

I am looking forward to the knitting and stitching show at Harrogate in November - it is always around the weekend of my birthday and I LOVE IT!!! more wool than I could knit in a lifetime, the quilt exhibition, the fabrics and the new crafts you just have to get a kit for and try to work out for the rest of the year...you know what I am talking about!

I regret I have not been keeping up with any ones blogs for weeks now - and I do regret this - you are all such an inspiration out there, and I feel like I have abandoned my friends - but I know you all understand how life gets in the way of living at times!

so - this is my attempt to ease myself back into a gentler calmer way of life - (is that possible) and to make the most of the impending dark evenings and rainy weekends, and the crisp sunny frosty mornings.