Tuesday, 30 November 2010

I made it!!!

Well! the big 40 went by very smoothly - thank you so much for all your positive words, I know I have lots to look forward too now!!!
I was a very lucky girl, Baby Fig bought me a hamper she had created herself with every kind of sweet and drink that VIMTO make, and a dinky Vimto delivery van - anyone would think I like Vimto! 

Hubby bought me an ace mini weaving starter kit, containing a small loom, various wools and some hilarious instructions translated from German by someone who doesn't speak the language me thinks!!!

Mum and Dad bought me an Olympus PEN camera - I had been yearning for one for some time, and my Dad being my Photography guru couldn't help himself and keeps posing every time I see him. 

Of course, as with any new camera, the first photo's are usually of what is right in front of you - here is my little stitch boy keeping his mummy's foot stool warm, with the camera in 'pinhole' mode - ooh, listen to me!!

Life as ever never slows down, I am doing my first real craft fair this weekend in BRIXTON - only a few hundred miles away in a big city.....arghhhh! I am terrified to say the least, but as I was invited, I thought it time I started to take up opportunities when they present themselves - so if you are in the Brixton area, pop along to the Brix  either on Friday evening or Saturday, and tell me to CALM DOWN!!! 

now - where did I leave my sewing room???

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

...almost there...

One week until the big 40! 
Thank you for all your wonderful comments regarding this milestone - I am almost prepared for the next decade...

What a glum week the weather has made, is the sun ever going to shine again? I have been busy busy busy making things to sell on Folksy - and can't get a decent photo of any of them without the sun! every time it does pop out I am either not at home, or after running to the sewing room it has buggered off again! Also, I think my hibernation instincts may be kicking in, I could sleep for England! (if only there was a job in the civil service with that very title...)

I am fed up with knitting this week - having made 2 stupid mistakes on 2 different socks I threw them into a plastic bag and hid them in the wool cupboard until I have the light and patience to undo them back the mistakes, so instead I became a little obsessed with Heart Making - All that Kirsty Allsop's fault! - and am even considering getting out my 20 odd year old cross stitch equipment, dusting it down, and selling it on e-bay! no, I am kidding, there are certain things a girl can never sell (can I still call myself a 'girl' after 40?)

Here are a few of my favorite hearts made this week...

Now - I need to wean myself off hearts...but what will I replace them with?????

Saturday, 6 November 2010

The big count down...

I usually try and avoid anything to do with Christmas until the very last minute, otherwise I am totally Christmassed out before we even get to December - I don't let anyone in the house mention it until after my birthday in November - however...This November it is my 40th birthday, so to take my mind of that I have been busy in the sewing room making Christmas Decorations for my Folksy shop. It has kind of worked - the count down to the big 40 has been forgotten and despite making decorations for Christmas, I still don't feel 'christmassy' RESULT! 

A little selection of my fancy bird and chili inspired decorations! (see, not TOO Christmassy!)

oh - and in a shamelees bit of advertising - I am offering free P&P on all the Christmas decorations in my folksy shop to UK customers!!!!
Just click on my FOlksy link, or any of the photo's in this post!

Right - time too look for egg nogg recipe's!