Saturday, 26 June 2010

welcome to my boudoir...

The elderflower cordial was a great success - Mr Juicy loves it, I on the other hand can take or leave it, it has a bit of an earthy taste...

There was a satisfying 'plop' though the letter box this morning and my parcel from Fondant Kiss was transported up to the boudoir with a coffee and my camera...

Look at them all!!!!

A vintage dressing table set for my brush/mirror/comb set (remember those????)

Green and Blacks chocky, my favourite! don't think it will get chance to melt though...

A pair of delicate earrings - quite vintage looking me thinks!


and this! WOW - thank you so much! all cross stitch and beautifully framed. Too good for MY boudoir, it is going to have to go where everyone can see it!

And finally for today, another box finished for Folksy. The fabric is by Heather Bailey, it is called 'freshcut' and it really is a gorgeous colourway - I even ventured a little beading on the top!

I am thinking about the tutorial suggestion - I will probably try and get another few boxes made, then I promise I will work on one.

ooh, one last thing - Mr Juicy has just passed me the lid off his tea bags with this lovely quote on it...

"There is no trouble so great or grave that cannot be much diminished by a nice cup of tea" 
Bernard-Paul Heroux.

Enjoy the sunshine!

Thursday, 24 June 2010

everybody's doing it.

It seams like EVERYONE is making Elderflower cordial this year - it makes my heart sing to know as a nation we haven't forgotten how to use what nature provides, that people are out there using the hedgerows to feed themselves, that we still spin wool from our own livestock, make clothes from the yarn - though I can't see anyone washing clothes in the rivers these days! 

I have trying to make sure my time off sick is used well, it isn't like I am physically debilitated, and I feel the best thing for my brain is to be occupied in fruitful pursuits that make me happy, and hopefully some one else! I have been toiling away sampling ideas, testing colours, knitting, crocheting and sewing - after the Boudoir swap I was inspired to revive box making, something I learned ohhhhhh, about 20 years ago...

I am still using the boxes, as are the people who all got them for Christmas one year (or so they tell me...)
so here is a peek at the latest one, all finished and listed on Folksy. 

Right - I am off with the dog and cats for a walk - we are collecting some elderflowers....

Monday, 21 June 2010

tadaaaaaa! the JuicyFig 100th Blog GIVEAWAY!

Welcome to my 100th blog!

It doesn't feel like 2 years and 5 months since Monday 7th January 2008 when I wrote my EPIC first post....

there have been highs and lows, 
I have met more friends than I can shake a stick at,
I have shared the lives of strangers who have helped restore my faith in humanity
I have swapped, and swapped and swapped
There have been real life and death experiences!!!!!

so my wonderful blogateers - I would like to thank each and every one of you who takes a moment out of your busy lives to pop by here, sit awhile, read my inane drivel - and leave a comment - YOU ARE ALL STARS! the point...(milking this for effect,,drum roll please!.....)

I will be giving away a couple of little mystery parcels - and all you have to do if you would like to have your name put into the draw for them is leave me a comment! 

errrr, and I would be ever so grateful could pop my button on your blog to spread the word!

I will be drawing the winners on 1st July 2010!

Lots of Love

Kath x

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Hit the SALES!!!!

I have been having a crafty clear out today

and I have listed lots of lovelies on my e-bay auction a moment of shameless advertising
Pop along, if the mood takes you, and you snap up a bargain!!!! over!

Hope you have all had a wonderful weekend where ever you are on the globe!

Friday, 18 June 2010


In the JuicyFig household we have a new routine developing. At 6pm EVERYTHING stops for Eggheads.
This is the only programme of mine on our TV planner, I need my quiz fix! 

It would seam, however, that Hubby and baby fig (who since she moved out 3 weeks ago has spent more time here than she did before!) also both have a routine that occurs at 6pm every weeknight - it is the art of getting casual comments to coincide with Dermot the quiz master asking a question - consequently I am getting very good at guessing the correct answer to a question I didn't even hear!

hmmmm, I wonder if we could get a crafty blog quiz team together??? what would your speciality be? Sport? cookery? arts and literature? science? 

I have actually just returned from The Sanctuary in Langho - Mum treated me to a Reiki treatment to help with my anxiety - I have been looking forward to it all week, and it was fabulous! only wish they could have pored me off the treatment couch straight into my own bed at the end!

This afternoon I am trying to finish off my half of the Boudoir Swap - and hopefully post it tomorrow morning!
Here is a little sneaky peaky of what it might..or might not look like...


oooh, and some little flowers - from an Irish Rose pattern teacher gave us at this weeks crochet class. 

If only I could get self patterning wool that changed when I wanted it to!

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Country Lore

My first Rose of the year has bloomed and it has 3 hearts! 

and smells FABULOUS! 

On Friday hubby (who is training to be a volunteer walk leader) went on our first official walk with the healthy walk club folk - and despite being about 20 years younger than most there I still managed to huff and puff my way around 3 miles, arrive back last, hot tired and red! oh how fit am I...urghhh

Although these guys made me remember a train journey from many years ago
In the next table of seats to my mum and I on the train were 4 lads of Liverpudlian origin having one of those conversations you just can't help but listen and smile at - it went something like this...

"If it means it's going to rain when the cows lie down, what does it mean if sheep lie down?"

"Light showers with intermittent sunshine"


Thursday, 10 June 2010


I feel like I have granny squares coming out of my ears at the moment!

I have made them in soft muted colours, lavish cashmere, chunky funky there no end to them???

These are probably, might be, possibly going to be a bag - the violent pink left over from Baby Figs 'goth' phase Black n pink sloppy hat!

now - I MUST get on with my boudoir swap!

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Waiting for...

I tend to be writing my blog in my head a lot - then when it comes to actually writing it, all those pearls of wisdom, all those neat phrases, the perfect sentence, the interesting subject - it all disappears. Mind you, if I could write a blog with an interface directly from my brain, it would ramble on and on, twist and turn, and never get to any point!

This week I have spent a lot of time in the sewing room trying to remember the inspirational ideas I came up with for my future income - I don't know, I suppose it will all fall into place eventually but right now the future is as much terrifying as exciting!

I have put a few more items in my Folksy shop after selling my very first item this week, reviving some kind of faith in myself

These are "Quit-tin Quilt-tins" 
Everything needed to make a traditional English patchwork pincushion in a tobacco tin - especially for anyone trying to quit smoking or for 'waiting' - something you tend to do a lot of from the moment you have kids - and for the rest of your life! from sitting by the pool while they have lessons to sitting in the doctors waiting room as more and more of you stops working! 
And a little bit of crochet - my latest obsession.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Oh my giddy aunt! 2 parcels for moi???

After a pretty glum, rainy, busy day yesterday - in particular an African drum workshop that left me frustrated and deflated, this morning I was awoken by my gorgeous handsome cat Stitch, who is not allowed upstairs but had somehow found a way and come to give his mummy a kiss and a cuddle.

Next - Hubby arrived with my freshly brewed toasted nut fudge coffee, the sunshine, and - 2 PARCELS!!! so I sent him straight back down stairs to collect my camera.

Biggest decision of the day so far....which parcel to open first???


From the other end of the country the lovely Marie sent me my Fabric Swap. A brilliant mini monster kit I can't wait to make, some juicy fabrics I love (especially the apple fabric) and in a few colours I haven't used before and can't wait to put into a project now! 2 bags of buttons and goodies, a rose brooch and a doughnut pin cushion with Marie's fantastic label on it.
Poor Marie has been having computer troubles recently - I hope she is back in blog land soon!

Next - all the way from the other end of the world! my Apron Swap partner Cathie at Melbourne epicure


It is so perfect for me! covers my 'ample' bosom and er...roomey hips!! 
She obviously knew I loved plants and had studied horticulture in the past! it is just perfect for me, and shall soon be seen on me while pottering around the kitchen and garden. Cathie also popped in some of her gorgeously photographed post cards, including one with a recipe on the back - so maybe a little baking will be in order to test the new apron!

The apron that will be flying off to Australia from me will be in the post today! 

So - MASSIVE THANKS to both of my FANTASTIC swap partners and to the fantastic people who organised the swaps! (I am planning my own swap soon!)

Better get started on my Boudoir Swap now