Friday, 18 June 2010


In the JuicyFig household we have a new routine developing. At 6pm EVERYTHING stops for Eggheads.
This is the only programme of mine on our TV planner, I need my quiz fix! 

It would seam, however, that Hubby and baby fig (who since she moved out 3 weeks ago has spent more time here than she did before!) also both have a routine that occurs at 6pm every weeknight - it is the art of getting casual comments to coincide with Dermot the quiz master asking a question - consequently I am getting very good at guessing the correct answer to a question I didn't even hear!

hmmmm, I wonder if we could get a crafty blog quiz team together??? what would your speciality be? Sport? cookery? arts and literature? science? 

I have actually just returned from The Sanctuary in Langho - Mum treated me to a Reiki treatment to help with my anxiety - I have been looking forward to it all week, and it was fabulous! only wish they could have pored me off the treatment couch straight into my own bed at the end!

This afternoon I am trying to finish off my half of the Boudoir Swap - and hopefully post it tomorrow morning!
Here is a little sneaky peaky of what it might..or might not look like...


oooh, and some little flowers - from an Irish Rose pattern teacher gave us at this weeks crochet class. 

If only I could get self patterning wool that changed when I wanted it to!


Daisie said...

Loving your little flowers, so wish I could get to grips with the hook!
Years ago (before the boys) I joined a sunday night pub music quiz with a friend, the time without the children was fab and we usually won or came in second, we walked it with many extra points when they played clips from children's TV programmes, think we were the only team with any points in that round!!

dosierosie said...

can I join your quiz team?
We seem to be living parallel lives at the moment.Kids, Mum and quiz's.

twiggypeasticks said...

It would be art and literature for me. I'm pretty good at music questions too. Lovely crochet. Thanks for your comment on my blog, sorry to her about your trials at work and I know totally where you are coming from.
Twiggy x


Not Quizzy at all i'm afraid! - can I make the tea?
Love your little egg man - was he modelled on Mr Juicy?

Vicky x

A Country Girl said...

Lovely yarn, such pretty flowers!

nicoledemana said...

Hi Kath where did you get the self patterning wool from? I have been on ebay and some on line shops but havent found anything cute like you have used I have made 6 flowers so far I think I have caught the bug lol see you on Tuesday take care ttfn Nicole