Monday, 6 April 2009

Photo madness!

Ah, so many things I do to keep my mind off the drudgery of my 9 - 5 job that is sapping my soul but keeping the wolves from the door.
I am really really enjoying my photography course at the moment (went through a dodgy part after Christmas where I fell out with the subject for a week or two, but back in full swing at the moment)
so - to bore the pants of y'all, here are some of my shots...

Ok, so I thought I better start with a still life of some of my vintage sylko pearl cottons... (black and white because they are vintage!)
what? me up at sunrise? well, I am in work early most mornings!

I love these little mushrooms, they look like they have been hiding.

My lovely Taryn looking all wistful

and here she is again - she was wearing a sheet, but I cropped it out. This is my favorite portrait photo.
Our new brief is 'self' and can be done in any medium - I have been thinking about printing photo's onto fabric, so would appreciate it if any of you out there know of any particularly good methods for this...
until next time!