Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Shed-ing some junk!

For the past few years our shed has turned into a bit of a dumping ground for anything we couldn't bare to throw out but had no room for in the house, plus Mr Fig has been steadily collecting sticks and bits of wood for his new woodcraft obsession. 
It had eventually filled to the door, and the freezer was inaccessible and Mr Fig has been woodworking next to the sink by the kitchen door on a piece of bench about 20" x 8" 

His excuse for not sorting out the shed and making it into a proper work area has been;
his back
too big a project
not enough day light
it might rain
needing help
too many other things to do

well, you get the idea.

So, with his back ok, no rain in sight for the next few days, the yard being clean and tidy and full of space and the promise of help from me (well, in a supervisory capacity - involving the words "throw it away") he has finally made a start this morning! 

I cannot believe what junk we have kept hold of for so long! bike racks, sledges, old tool handles, empty paint tins, enough jam jars to restock chivers, chili sauce bottles, empty wine bottles, broken buckets, broom heads - but it has to be the kitchen machines, designed to make life simple quick and efficient that really makes me laugh, usually resigned to the shed once it becomes apparent just how much of a time consuming bore they are to clean, or store, or assemble etc.
a juice extractor, a veg steamer, a seed sprouter, coffee makers, blenders, mixers, some strange German biscuit extruder and a microwave that broke about 6 years ago.

I am determined never to buy a so called labor saving device for the kitchen again - they are just far too much trouble, and take up too much room. I have free-cycled my bread machine because making it by hand is just a simple, my doughnut maker used once and my toasty maker.

So what have I kept? 
The toaster - used almost every day and missed when it broke.
the blender - I could live without it, but it does get used a lot.
The kettle - in almost constant use.
Here is Mr fig (in a fine pair of socks knit by me!) in our tiny back yard - working very hard!
Enjoy the sunshine - this may be Summer!