Sunday, 10 February 2008

two sunny days in a row...

the sun came out again today, with a wonderful frost everywhere first thing.
while it was out, finally managed to get a photo of my latest quilt top - 12 months in the making and still needs backing - along with another 4 quilt tops, but this is my least favourite bit, well, the basting is - I hate basting!!! once a top is complete i just want to move onto the next project. I would love one of those long arm quilting machines to do it for me, and also a lottery win to pay for it and the space I would need! oh well, one can dream I suppose.

Saturday, 9 February 2008

sun at last!

at last some sunshine - the nicest day in months!
hubby and I went out for a walk to the nearby river to see what changes the recent floods had made and see what had been washed up.
here is our terrier Jemmy, she was so excited, and got a long awaited swim in the river - it was about 75 degrees out - amazing for the north of england in mid winter

I love the sun sparkles on the water, and it was lovely and clear today - it can get a bit mucky at times

there was also loads of wierd and wonderful stuff that had been deposited from the worst floods we have had for a few years - so as the sunshine was so delicious and warm and we had nothing better to do we decided to make our own sculpture!

the strangest thing we found was someones dentures! I didn't take a photo of them though...

these guys were all near the gate of the feild we passed - they usually skitter off, but they must have been in a curious mood today!

right - off to the sewing room now, two birthdays coming up this week, niece number 2 is 3 years old on tuesday, and niece number 3 is 1 on thursday!

Saturday, 2 February 2008

mothers revenge!

I asked my mum to see if there were any seville oranges on the market when she went last wednesday, hoping to make a few jars of mamalade.
she came home with 15lb of oranges!
so - had to get 30lb sugar, and find every jam jar I could...

here we are this afternoon, a work in progress...

had to employ all the weights I could find
hours and hours of squeezing and slicing

and now it all bubbling awayon the stove.

I am making a third with this meathod, a third from fruit I am boiling whole, and the last third (because I refuse to slice any more) I am going to attempt to candy the peel and make a clear marmalade with the pulp...

may have to pull an all nighter!

bread basket

I have just posted this off to my Aunty in London - I think it would really suit her kitchen, and I know she loves anything like this!
The idea was from a similar item I bought in Portugal a few years ago - I thought it was a clever idea, and the one I bought gets stored in the drawer with tea towels and table cloths, nice and flat. Sadly mine doesn't get used that much, hot fresh bread and croisants usually go streight from baking tray to mouth.
some very spring like fabric I don't even remember buying!
The inside of the basket
Voila! 4 bows and it is a basket!
The wadding I used is from our local market, apparantly it was what the soft toy stuffing comes wrapped in to stop it combusting - just perfect for this, quite rigid but not too stiff, and it only cost me 50p for a huge piece!

mums suduku blanket

My mum made me a suduku blanket for Christmas - it really was a labour of love!

she learned loads of new stuff, and even figured out the intricate assembly without any help!

I think it just fantastic - there is nothing nicer than sleeping under something made with so much love, and besides that, it is really warm and looks fantastic!

when I sit in bed on a sunday drinking my fresh coffee with my wondrful husband sat besides me, we try and figure out if she made any mistakes - haven't found any yet...