Saturday, 2 February 2008

bread basket

I have just posted this off to my Aunty in London - I think it would really suit her kitchen, and I know she loves anything like this!
The idea was from a similar item I bought in Portugal a few years ago - I thought it was a clever idea, and the one I bought gets stored in the drawer with tea towels and table cloths, nice and flat. Sadly mine doesn't get used that much, hot fresh bread and croisants usually go streight from baking tray to mouth.
some very spring like fabric I don't even remember buying!
The inside of the basket
Voila! 4 bows and it is a basket!
The wadding I used is from our local market, apparantly it was what the soft toy stuffing comes wrapped in to stop it combusting - just perfect for this, quite rigid but not too stiff, and it only cost me 50p for a huge piece!

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