Wednesday, 3 January 2018

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2018 - The year of getting stuff done!


Where does the time go?

Its been 2 years since I last posted and everything was in the middle of change! Then suddenly it's 2018.
I have been trying so hard to find time to blog, but there is always a million other things to do as well, and this always seams to take a back seat.

I wondered what people meant when they said they felt like they were running round like a headless chicken - now it all makes sense!

I finished my Textiles Degree with first class honours - just 5 months after giving birth to my surprise son! A surprise because 1) my daughter is now 26 years old 2) I thought I was too old - and might be going through the menopause 3) well, he just wasn't planned - but he is certainly very welcome and very loved now he is here - and almost 2 years old already!

Baby Fig No2 at just a few weeks old - on a quilt I made many many year ago! 

So as you might imagine, my great plans for my post degree career have all been kind of - well, altered! (I would say postponed, but at my age I think altered might be more realistic.)

I am not letting my degree go to waste though, I did a lot of interesting research in a few different areas, that I want to develop into both lifestyle habits and business opportunities, and the biggest driver in my life right now is plastics, and how I can reduce their impact on the planet in my own tiny way - 'every little helps' as the saying goes.

I have been busy joining groups on Facebook, looking at ideas on pinterest, contacting people, researching alternatives and figuring out how I can do my bit - this is going to be a long and winding road with no easy solutions, but I am determined to learn, and do what I can so that the world my son inherits is a cleaner, better one.

So...Baby steps for now.

I have been making resolutions for the new year as always, but this year I have been working on them for the past month - the first one is to worry about getting stuff done so much!  Hopefully this year they are going to inspire me to take the slower, more meandering journey rather than the all or nothing journey I usually take on then abandon soon after - I am feeling positive! I know there are more changes and upheavals ahead, so lets get this year started, bring it on!