Saturday, 14 November 2009

An Award? for little old me? THANK YOU!!!

I am so chuffed with my award from the lovely
Queen of the treasure haul!
Thankyou - though I don't feel I deserve it with my lack of bloggyness of late - even though I still always am thinking of what to write!

Apparantly I am supposed to blog about 6 things never revealed about myself before...which is REALLY hard to do!
(if you get chanse - go and read Anglesy Allsorts 6 things - I love the story about her Grandad and the house clearance!)
* When I was pregnant with my daughter, while still attending collage - I had parked on the car park which at that time was just waste ground. I suffered really badly with morning sickness, and had gone back to my car to go home only to find I had been blocked in on every side...
being sick and hormonal, I squeezed my car through between the others, scratching both sides of my car and the others!
I told my dad that was how I found it...sorry dad!
*I told my daughter that when the ice cream van plays it's chimes, it is because he has run out of ice cream...Sorry Taryn!
*I told my mum when I was very little, that the labrador broke the glass door that devided the kitchen from the dining room, but only locked from one side. and he did it because he knew I needed to get to the toilet while mum was outside speaking to a neighbor...sorry mum!
*I discovered the funniest way ever to get rid of cold caller - you know when the phone rings, you pick up and say hello, there is silence, then a click as the sales person connects to you - well (try this, I promise it is worth it) only say 'penguin' - every time they ask you anything, just say pengiun. see how many you can get in before they hang up, or you do because you can't help laughing - I got a 15 penguiner once - I hung up!
*When I am alone in my van - that doesn't have a sterio/radio - I sing at the top of my voice!
*When I was a child, my best freind's mum gave us a stair carpet to play with - we spent days in the garden rolling each other up in it - until one day when we managed to roll myself, my freinds sister and my freind into a giant child/carpet sausage roll, with our arms trapped in the carpet, my freind started to giggle, then wet herself - which soaked through all the layers of the carpet whetting myself and her sister through - we never let her forget it!
I am supposed to give this award to 6 others now - but I have been out of blog land so long, I need to do some catching up first!

Sunday, 8 November 2009

knit and natter in Whalley

Time is definitely speeding up - I was sure my last post was only about a week ago!
I have been taking small steps at work to make the whole experience less stressful - taking a demotion, doing less hours, and not getting too concerned with office politics. When it does get too much, I pop onto my favorite yarn web sites, and just look at the gorgeous colours!
My favorite event of the year is almost upon us - Harrogate Knitting and Stitching show - I have been going to this for years - it is a bit of a trek, but nowadays, it is Me, my mum, my daughter and our newest recruit, my niece Maisy - we book early, take a packed lunch, and SHOP!!!!! and even better, they always organise it right by my birthday, so now my relatives give me cash for the show. This year my mum is getting me the Dianna interchangeable needle set - Bliss! AND I have booked a whole week off after it to knit and sew.
Our little Village has been organising a farmers market on the last Sunday of the month for about 6 months now - it seams to have been a real success so far. It has been held on the car park of The Swan Hotel, where - I found out recently, my relatives were the longest serving landlords from 1870 - 1911 when it was still a coaching house, so mum and I had a word with the new landlady to see if we could start a knit and natter group there on the same day as the market - a sort of Sunday breakfast club. I am so excited - I really hope people turn up - I want to feel part of a community again like I did as a child!
So - hopefully if it goes well, I will be posting some photo's here, maybe even start a group blog or something! (I think a naked calender will be some time off yet though! hehehe)
Knit and Natter
All ages, male or female, beginners or advanced!

Come and join us at
For our first get together!
Sunday 29th November
10am – 12pm

No need to book – Just turn up!