Sunday, 8 November 2009

knit and natter in Whalley

Time is definitely speeding up - I was sure my last post was only about a week ago!
I have been taking small steps at work to make the whole experience less stressful - taking a demotion, doing less hours, and not getting too concerned with office politics. When it does get too much, I pop onto my favorite yarn web sites, and just look at the gorgeous colours!
My favorite event of the year is almost upon us - Harrogate Knitting and Stitching show - I have been going to this for years - it is a bit of a trek, but nowadays, it is Me, my mum, my daughter and our newest recruit, my niece Maisy - we book early, take a packed lunch, and SHOP!!!!! and even better, they always organise it right by my birthday, so now my relatives give me cash for the show. This year my mum is getting me the Dianna interchangeable needle set - Bliss! AND I have booked a whole week off after it to knit and sew.
Our little Village has been organising a farmers market on the last Sunday of the month for about 6 months now - it seams to have been a real success so far. It has been held on the car park of The Swan Hotel, where - I found out recently, my relatives were the longest serving landlords from 1870 - 1911 when it was still a coaching house, so mum and I had a word with the new landlady to see if we could start a knit and natter group there on the same day as the market - a sort of Sunday breakfast club. I am so excited - I really hope people turn up - I want to feel part of a community again like I did as a child!
So - hopefully if it goes well, I will be posting some photo's here, maybe even start a group blog or something! (I think a naked calender will be some time off yet though! hehehe)
Knit and Natter
All ages, male or female, beginners or advanced!

Come and join us at
For our first get together!
Sunday 29th November
10am – 12pm

No need to book – Just turn up!


x vInTaGe VioLeT x said...

great idea - i think we lack community spirit in modern times - hope you get lots of great knitters!

Daisie said...

Hi, I can't believe that I never knew you were just round the corner! I am in Burnley. I am at the knit and stich show in Harrogate on the sunday, what day will you be there? Maybe we could meet up? If not I will try and get along to your knit and natter (although stitch and bitch sounds better) at the end of the month, childcare allowing.


Nice to see you back, an you seem quite ok, after your difficult times. Your Knit and Natter sounds great - if only I still lived that way! It would be a definate!
Enjoy your Kit and Stitch!

x Vicky x


Just a little something for you over on my blog!

Vicky x