Thursday, 24 April 2008

oh curtains!

let me first introduce you to a friend of mine! this little fellow came right up to the fence, let me tickle his nose, then had a nibble on my finger! he seams to have a faulty ear, so we named him 'loppy lamb' - his mum didn't seam too pleased about him fraternising with humans though...

I teach African Style Drumming on a monday night, and where we have the class, they always have fresh flowers in every room, the light was just right, and I thought these roses were just stunning! so as with everything else in life now, I have to take a photo to share with you all on my blog. I went out for lunch on Sunday, and took my camera to photograph the food...forgot...then took a photo of my daughters half eaten meal - I have desided you will be glad to hear, not to share such a delightful scene with you.

Finally managed to finish my patchwork curtains! woohoo!! I stayed up late to get them finished on Saturday night, just so I could lie in bed on Sunday morning and admire them...Husband thought they were a little too girly for him, but pointed out I had added some 'blue' patches for boys...he still thought they were girly, but conceded 'if you like them, then I am happy' 'right answer' say I!

they were a nightmare to photograph though - wrong time of day, and couldn't get them at an angle that got the whole of them in the shot...

so, now back to planning my doll for the swap!

Thursday, 17 April 2008

Grandma Day

oooh! I love grandma day - me n me mum toddle off to Warrington to visit my Grandma once a month, the visit includes a trip to Ikea (just for a few bags of coffee you understand...) and a really good catch up and natter in the car going and coming home again.
It was a lovely sunny day all day - although back home it had sleeted, rained and been generally miserable!
when I returned, a wee package of Kaffe Fassett had arrived! oh joy of joys! especially as it had been only 1/3 the normal price :~)

bought these gorgeous cards at Ikea - just for inspiration you understand...

and here is Grandma, 93 years old!

she baked her own bread, knitted her own socks, tatted, drafted her own patterns, made lace, and cooked the best chips egg and mushy peas in the northern hemisphere!

this is a rare photo as she is smiling, instead of looking worried..Then, to top the day off, the most amazing sun set that made even a humble terraced row look spectacular.
oooh! before I forget, a doll swap!!!! not sure how to do a fancy link thingy, so just go here and take a look!

Sunday, 13 April 2008

when inspiration grabs you - run with it!

After a truly miserable week at work, which I endured with a stinking cold, chapped lips and about as much enthusiasm as I would put into jumping naked or otherwise into a swimming pool full of raw sewage - I was absolutely determined to get into my sewing room.
Daughter decided to rearrange her bedroom at the same time, and Husband wanted access to the loft to sort some stuff out up there - I am amazed I managed to get anything done at all! I do find it easier and easier to switch off these days though - at the drop of a hat, and after 12 hours solid and restorative sleep Friday night, got to work!

Inspired by other blogs as always (you wonderful giant therapy group out there - you know who you are!!!) I decided the way to go was miniature quilts... I am a little obsessed with using some flannelet cot sheeting I got from the local mill shop - I think it has a comforting homely look and feel to it, and you bloggers are converting me to the loveliness of pink...

but then, pink aside, had to use up some of my lovely bright scraps as well, some kaffe fassett, a little bit of vintage liberty...and loads of beady things from a £1 ASDA kids craft pack I picked up - gasp! horror!

Eager to continue on to the next project with immediate effect, searched for inspiration - I have commented on a couple of peoples 'light houses' recently, and remembered my sewing room light house statue I have had for donkeys years, mainly because I love the New England style colours, so made almost a replica of it.

Then last night, while running over idea's in the seconds between my head hitting the pillow, and sleep enveloping me I thought of perfume bottles - no idea why, except that maybe thinking about nostalgia and images etc, one immage that always makes me smile is the huge apothecary bottles with coloured water in in chemists of yesteryear - I don't know, they may still have them in boots - note to self to take a look next time I am in town!

Really struggled photographing everything today, it has either been very dark and overcast, or incredibly bright, and walked into the door frame after staggering back inside after taking these!

I am itching to make something else now but can't decide weather to continue with the quilt theme or go back to the curtain project, or start something completely different...if only every decision in life was this temptingly wonderful.

Saturday, 5 April 2008


No photo's today - been a busy girl this week, back at work after my nice relaxing break. I hate that feeling when after half an hour back in the office, I feel like I have never been away. Having to work overtime today, and taking a 'drum circle' tomorrow afternoon, so pretty busy al weekend as well - booooo!
to keep myself sane, sloped off to the next town where there is a wonderful little craft shop. They don't have a great deal of fabrics, but I still managed to find 4 fat quarters I didn't need, but really liked - an extra hour overtime next weekend to make up for that I think!
Also bout 10 tall candles at 10p each so I could make myself feel better knowing I had got such a bargain.
nipped to the sewing room as soon as I got home with a big cup of earl grey, and radio 4's woman's hour to sit and stare at my new fabric, look longingly through various books at stuff I would love to make, then came and checked out yet more fabric on the Internet - Is there such a thing as a fabricoholic? I think I may possibly be a chocofabricobitnpiecesblogoholic... or stuffoholic for short!
Thank you for the lovely comments y'all, and your lovely blogs. If I can't get into my sewing room, just 5 minutes flicking through blogs keeps me alive! (of course it's just 5 minutes!)