Saturday, 5 April 2008


No photo's today - been a busy girl this week, back at work after my nice relaxing break. I hate that feeling when after half an hour back in the office, I feel like I have never been away. Having to work overtime today, and taking a 'drum circle' tomorrow afternoon, so pretty busy al weekend as well - booooo!
to keep myself sane, sloped off to the next town where there is a wonderful little craft shop. They don't have a great deal of fabrics, but I still managed to find 4 fat quarters I didn't need, but really liked - an extra hour overtime next weekend to make up for that I think!
Also bout 10 tall candles at 10p each so I could make myself feel better knowing I had got such a bargain.
nipped to the sewing room as soon as I got home with a big cup of earl grey, and radio 4's woman's hour to sit and stare at my new fabric, look longingly through various books at stuff I would love to make, then came and checked out yet more fabric on the Internet - Is there such a thing as a fabricoholic? I think I may possibly be a chocofabricobitnpiecesblogoholic... or stuffoholic for short!
Thank you for the lovely comments y'all, and your lovely blogs. If I can't get into my sewing room, just 5 minutes flicking through blogs keeps me alive! (of course it's just 5 minutes!)


julia said...

I'm booking myself into the Priory to cure myself of my fabricoholism (don't know if that's spelt anywhere near correctly).
See you there, I'll be the one stuffing down a bar of chocolate whilst trying to conceal panels of fabric.
Julia x

twiggypeasticks said...

teehee, I'm also a buttonoholic and paperholic, Mr Twiggy calls my card stash - paper porn ;)
Twiggy x