Tuesday, 24 May 2011

that was the week that was...busy!

 I have had an incredibly busy week! I have finally finished this baby quilt that was my first commission - I chose the colours etc, so I just hope they like it! It has been finished in a record 2 weeks, this is mainly due to my Daughter's statement when I started..."I bet you don't finish it, it will end up with all the other blankets you have started" - I am now wondering if my client paid her to say this, as they both know me so well! so - 90 squares, and 4 balls of wool later - it is done. I hope Baby Oliver (when he is born) appreciates all these  colours!
Last Wednesday Baby Fig and myself went to the first of 6 FREE printing workshops at Blackburn Museum.
It was a fantastic afternoon, the teacher was so lovely and very talented - however, the only people there were baby fig and myself - what a shame! So, if you are in the area and have a Wednesday afternoon free, get down to the museum and have a go - we can't wait for this weeks workshop!

I have been busy tweeting...the internet conspires to keep me at my computer far too long! but if you are a tweeter - come and say hello!

Very exciting for me, I was asked to write a GUEST BLOG by a fellow twitter-er, so I did! I was quite pleased with it - which is unusual for me! These girls have a lovely site about thriftiness and good money management, do pop over and say hello to PennyWisePenny

So - in the next few days I will be posting up a couple of Bread making recipe's to tie in with the blog, my basic-can't go wrong-daily loaf recipe, and my Grandma's 70 year old woman's hour recipe! 

All we need now is more sunshine - what happened to it?

Monday, 16 May 2011

Some one has to win!

Thank you so much to everyone who entered my little may give away - it's at times like this I wish I could afford to send everyone who entered a prize! 

Good to see some familiar faces, and also good to see some new faces - but enough waffle! 
This morning I made 2 parcels up - both identical, with some lovely smellies, and a little extra something! 
All the names and entries were put into a bowl
Including my friend Fig at Hairy Knees - living in distant South Africa! 

2 impartial 'name taker out of bowl' people were found...
Mr Juicy went first - and selected....
Look at those workmans hands! - Well done to Fiona Mac!

Then Baby Fig picked a name....

Disgusting nails BFIG but well done to Michelle!

THANKS AGAIN to EVERYONE who entered - and Fiona and Michelle - I hope you love your parcels! 

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

The Great May Give-away!

Welcome my bloggy chums - I thought it was about time I did a Juicy Give away, and as May rhymes with 'Away' well, a May Give away was in order! 
To be extra generous, but also make you work for your entry, you have 4 chances to enter - Names will be drawn out of the proverbial hat (i.e. a bowl) on Sunday 15th of May, at 12pm - so get your entries in before then to qualify.

Ways to enter;
1. Leave a comment if you are allready a follower
2. Follow the JuicyFig blog, and leave comment to let me know!
3. Tweet this post on the twitter-me-bobs, leave a comment to let me know you have done it
4. 'Like' the JuicyFig page -  then leave me a comment here to let me know

I will put the name of EVERY comment in the hat - and draw out 2 winners. 

But what do I win? I hear you cry!

Well, as I have been having a blast making scented items for both my Folksy and Etsy shops - it will be a selection of scented items - and a few other little goodies! 

These all smell fantastic - Baby Powder and Vintage Rose scents for your wardrobe, knicker draw, car, bathroom, anywhere you need a sweet smell!

So what are you waiting for? Share the love and maybe win a prize, Sweet! 

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Busy Sundays

 Why is it that Sundays are always so busy? Mind you, I do feel like I have achieved a lot!
A couple more hexagons sewn today - Still trying to make up my mind about what they will eventually be, but Knitting bag is number one on the list of possibles right now.

Listed a pile of summer jumpers on e-bay for the 'traditionally built' ladies out there, as well as some beloved fabric, some almost vintage Rowan wool, and a load of Simpson's Toy figures - I have no idea why I had them for so long! - Links at the top of the page if you fancy an e-bay bargain! 

Then, Made a pair of curtains for my 14 year old Niece who lives next door - Her dad has been doing her room up for 6 years now, and tonight she finally gets to move out of the room she has been sharing with her 6 year old sister, she is VERY excited, and I have promised her I will blog about the room once she has 'sorted it out'

Tea is almost cooked - and I have another 50 granny squares to crochet for a baby blanket - not all tonight, but hoping to get another 10 done at least!
Also - After forgetting I had signed up for a Button swap, and getting a reminder from my swap partner, I have been thinking a great deal about what to make for her - I will be ready for a rest tomorrow!

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Looking back, over your shoulder...

What a morning - I have just spent half an hour looking back through my own posts - mostly being astonished by how long ago things occurred in relation to how not so long ago they are in my memory! (does that make sense?)
This time was supposed to be spent reading other peoples blogs - I am getting so tardy at this, and I so love reading all your adventures! But since signing up for twitter, and starting a JuicyFig facebook page, I get so easily side tracked, mind you it does not help me being SO computer illiterate, it takes me AGES to do anything!
 The other thing that struck me while looking back is how clean and tidy my house looks in them! Since finishing work and Baby Fig moving back home, the house has gone to pieces! there is not an inch of space anywhere - I wouldn't mind so much if I hadn't spent the past 12 months throwing stuff out and selling items on e-bay, plus I can't afford to buy anything new! - so where does it all come from?

 Has anyone been watching the series on BBC1 about Liberty's, Habitat, Boots et al?
I had dreams of my products being stocked in Liberty's for years - but to be honest, after watching this programe, and seeing artists and crafts people taken on by them, then the gorgeous stuff they make being mass produced abroad, and there prices being knocked down and down, I am not sure I would want that! - Still, the money would be nice right now. My compensation from my last job has long since ended, and I am at another of those strange life junctions with decisions that need making. Baby Fig has also lost her job, but is desperate to get back into screen printing. Our goal is to work together someday - we just need a huge cash injection - a donation preferably!! hehehe
 In the mean time, I have been busy knitting. These scarves are all in my Folksy shop - HOWEVER! the twirly ones are so simple to make, only the knit stitch is required, so I am going to post the pattern on here so if you fancy having a go you can!
Right - better start tidying up! 

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Craft Fairs and Farmers Markets

Hello my bloggy chums, I hope (if you are in the UK) you are making the most of this glorious sunshine!
It has been an absolutely stunning spring so far, which always makes me think that summer is going to be rotten, but fingers crossed it will continue to be as glorious as it is now! 

This morning we went off to Browsholme hall in Bowland to their monthly Farmers and craft market - it is in the most stunning location, nothing but rolling hills, green fields, twisty country roads and woodlands as far as the eye can see! I had gone to see if it would be worth taking a stall their. The market is in the old Tithe barn, and there were plenty of people there, but apparently people were not spending much money - also another stall selling items similar to mine already had residence, I was a little disappointed by how little the lady was charging for stuff, how she made things for so little I don't know. All the way home, all I could think about was finding a workshop for my Daughter to set up screen printing and me to sew the fabric she made - everywhere is just so expensive though! I will keep dreaming, who knows, one day! 

So - to help facilitate said dream, I listed some new items in my Etsy shop, one step at a time sweet figgy!