Sunday, 8 May 2011

Busy Sundays

 Why is it that Sundays are always so busy? Mind you, I do feel like I have achieved a lot!
A couple more hexagons sewn today - Still trying to make up my mind about what they will eventually be, but Knitting bag is number one on the list of possibles right now.

Listed a pile of summer jumpers on e-bay for the 'traditionally built' ladies out there, as well as some beloved fabric, some almost vintage Rowan wool, and a load of Simpson's Toy figures - I have no idea why I had them for so long! - Links at the top of the page if you fancy an e-bay bargain! 

Then, Made a pair of curtains for my 14 year old Niece who lives next door - Her dad has been doing her room up for 6 years now, and tonight she finally gets to move out of the room she has been sharing with her 6 year old sister, she is VERY excited, and I have promised her I will blog about the room once she has 'sorted it out'

Tea is almost cooked - and I have another 50 granny squares to crochet for a baby blanket - not all tonight, but hoping to get another 10 done at least!
Also - After forgetting I had signed up for a Button swap, and getting a reminder from my swap partner, I have been thinking a great deal about what to make for her - I will be ready for a rest tomorrow!


dosierosie said...

I had the opposite. i thought i had signed up for the button swap only to find I hadn't. Love your hexagons.

Anonymous said...

We usually find Sunday mornings are a bit hectic, but then we spend the afternoon, enjoying that comfortable feeling from eating a lovely traditional Sunday lunch with pud, and reading.
I loved sewing hexagons by hand when I did patchwork, made a bedspread of them. Actually, now I remember, I made two, back in the 80s. Grandmother's Flower Garden was the name of the design.