Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Bodkin The Brave

Thanks for the get well soons for our teeny tiny kitty Bodkin.
He has somehow managed to take some of his stitches out, so another trip to the vets was needed to get his leg stapled instead - he is now feeling very sorry for himself, as he has to wear one of those Elizabethan collars that looks like a trumpet on his head - he has been banished from the great outdoors until it heals more - in the mean time he is insisting on throwing himself against the windows to get out, then moon walking round the house - very funny, but I can't wait for him to be allowed out again!

Only a couple of days now until the Royal Shindig - I must admit that although I am not a fan of Royalty, it does completely fascinate me! As far as I can tell our country does have the longest Royal History, there have been good 'uns and bad 'uns, and I would rather be a citizen than a subject - I think...but we really do pomp and ceremony like no other country, and every aspect of the wedding has some historical story behind it. 
I was watching a program earlier today about other royal weddings, and the gifts received from loyal subjects - one of the queens wedding gifts was a pile of knitted dish cloths - I wonder if she still uses them?

When Charles and Di wed in 1981 - I was 10 years old. I was spending the week at Stonyhurst collage, about 5 miles away. On the day of the wedding they set up a TV in the refectory - it was the most amazing place to be, I felt almost Royal! (check the link and you will see why!)

This time I am going round to my mums to watch, we will make sandwiches and drink Bitter Shandy's!

What ever you get up to on Friday - I hope you have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Pink Linen Roses

 Our poor computer has been poorly with evil vile viruses for over a week - and thanks to the combined efforts of brother in law, daddy fig and mr juicy it is all back up and running now.

The silence has been deafening! how strange not having the pooter fan whirring away in the background all day, and I have missed checking my twitter and e-mails every time I have passed by.
 I have been in a bit of an embroidery mood - I had picked up some sublime linen embroidery floss a few weeks ago, I saw it in a sale basket, and immediately thought of dusky roses. As the floss was linen, the fabric had to be linen too! My stitching is slowly improving!
I chopped the linen into pieces, and did a slightly difrent rose on each - then had to think of some way of using them - so here is a cushion top WIP!

DRAMA - Our little tiny black cat -Bodkin - came out for a walk with us on Monday evening, shot up a tree, then in an effort to get back down stepped onto a dead branch and fell onto a barbed wire fence, making a huge gash on his leg. He spent a night in the vets, and is back home now recuperating. Mr Juicy however has not recovered from the whole traumatic event!

Sunday, 10 April 2011

JuicyFig: Droplets Face Cloth *FREE PATTERN*

JuicyFig: Droplets Face Cloth *FREE PATTERN*: " Finally - I have got around to a free pattern, carefully worked out by little old me! This is for a face cloth - I have called..."

Thursday, 7 April 2011

All In The Golden Afternoon

 The sun is really doing a fantastic job of shining this week - so out I popped with my trusty camera to get some photo's of the flowers in my little pots at the front of the house now they are literally springing to life! 

Every time I see a cluster of pansies or 'micky mouse faces' as my grandma calls them, I am reminded of this little song from  Alice in Wonderland

 I just LOVE the colour of these ones, they look almost black in some light - truly sumptuous!

Another of my favorite spring flowers are Grape Hyacinths - I don't think we can ever replicate what nature does with colours! 
These ones were planted up from a supermarket mothers day gift years ago, and their little colony is growing steadily

Last years primulas are also making a triumphant return - I usually loose them and have to replace them every year - it must be Mr Juicy's secret fertiliser formula that they liked.

and I finally got my knitting mojo back after getting some recycled cotton yarn - I have been busy making face cloths for one of my shops - I have even designed a pattern for them, if it works out, I may just be posting it up here as a little freebie gift for you all! 

right - off to my nieces school show this evening, a 1980's music extravaganza! got my dancing shoes on, and my jacket sleeves rolled up ready to boogie!

Monday, 4 April 2011

Jobs I have put off for too long or The worlds slowest way to tidy up.

I am not a fan of house work - in any form. I alway seem to have something far more interesting to do, or far more urgent, or far more anything that actually commiting to doing house work, e.g. right now, I should be tidying the living room - but updating my blog is just so much more entertaining! 
After doing a pretty rotten craft fair on Saturday, and having spent the previous week making items for said craft fair, Sunday should have been a good housework day - but it was Mothers Day - so as a treat to myself, I gathered some old magazines I had been saving and went through them, cutting out pretty pictures to make scrap book pages to inspire my creativity - what ever was left of the mag was then taken swiftly to the recycle bin, so they wouldn't find themselves back on the bedroom floor!
Actually, it was very relaxing! I was like a 'pig in muck' so to speak, my magazines in shreds, some big skisors, and a glue stick.
Not quite sure if I have managed to glean any inspiration or ideas etc from this excercise and the house work is still calling out in a 'please put me out of my mysery' winy voice - but what the heck - I enjoyed it!