Thursday, 7 April 2011

All In The Golden Afternoon

 The sun is really doing a fantastic job of shining this week - so out I popped with my trusty camera to get some photo's of the flowers in my little pots at the front of the house now they are literally springing to life! 

Every time I see a cluster of pansies or 'micky mouse faces' as my grandma calls them, I am reminded of this little song from  Alice in Wonderland

 I just LOVE the colour of these ones, they look almost black in some light - truly sumptuous!

Another of my favorite spring flowers are Grape Hyacinths - I don't think we can ever replicate what nature does with colours! 
These ones were planted up from a supermarket mothers day gift years ago, and their little colony is growing steadily

Last years primulas are also making a triumphant return - I usually loose them and have to replace them every year - it must be Mr Juicy's secret fertiliser formula that they liked.

and I finally got my knitting mojo back after getting some recycled cotton yarn - I have been busy making face cloths for one of my shops - I have even designed a pattern for them, if it works out, I may just be posting it up here as a little freebie gift for you all! 

right - off to my nieces school show this evening, a 1980's music extravaganza! got my dancing shoes on, and my jacket sleeves rolled up ready to boogie!


crafts@home said...

Spring has definitely sprung hasn't it! Lovely photos
Sue Xx

Catherine said...

Primulas are amongst my favourites! So delicate yet they SHOUT Spring!! Cx

Anonymous said...

I love grape hyacinths too, that colour is just perfect isn't it? So nice to have colour back in the garden again, and warm sunny days as we have at the moment, here in Norfolk. Hope it's good where you are too?

Christy@WickedHappy said...

Your flowers are beautiful! I'm a bit jealous. :) Here in my part of the States, we are just entering Spring. It will be another month before we see the kinds of blooms you have. Thanks for sharing all the pics. They are wonderful! :)

karen said...

I have lots of pansies too. I bought too many and now I seem to be overun with them, not complaining, they are so very pretty.