Saturday, 16 August 2008

More than a girl can handle!

well, what a strange few weeks I have just lived through! Blogging has been so far from my mind - and I didn't think that was possible!

Firstly, my Daughter found her natural Father - it was a bit of a shock for him, he didn't know he had a 16 year old daughter. Fortunately, he was absolutely over the moon! - so much weirdness in the Juicy Fig household.

My job has been a total nightmare for the past few weeks as well, during the day, I work for the government - the role of the site I am at is completely changing, so it has been non stop training and will be for the foreseeable future...

The Drumming work has been busy on top of that, and every gig I have done has been in either gale force wind or torrential rain, meaning we have had to squeeze into marquee's with everyone else - fun, but exhausting - and still another 3 gig's to go before the end of the month!

It was our wedding anniversary, a big family and friends camp, My daughters 17th Birthday - and tonight we are of to an old school RAVE in a Field!


Well, I am still on the lipotrim diet - 3 weeks in, and I have lost 21lb! yup - 1 1/2 stone!!!

so, although it is really hard work, it has been worth it so far, I just keep planning what my ideal 'first meal' would be when I finally get to the end...ANYTHING would do right now!!!


One of my favourite events of the year last weekend at Penrith.

We took my 11 year old niece this time, she has a real artistic streak, and had to have a go at a RAKU firing.

The pots where already made and biscuit fired ready for the glaze and raku kiln - here is her pot with the glaze applied waiting to go into the kiln

and here it is being lifted out still glowing, temps are about 1100 degrees when they come out, but because of the 'grog' in the clay (ground up fired clay) it doesn't succumb to thermal shock
The pot then goes straight into a sealed bin with sawdust in - this catches light immediately but the lid seals it in, and the cool reactions start to occur
Last, it is plunged into cold water - after it has cooled down, you have to scrub it clean.

I love this technique - the colours will always come out in the most unexpected shades and tones, metallic, crackles etc.

I think she did pretty well for her first go - she was so chuffed with it, she kept lifting it out of the bag all the way home and staring at it.

The Kiddo Swap

Taryn got her swap items through the post a couple of weeks ago, but due to the above events, I haven't had Chance to put them up here.

A huge thank you to Suzanne at chickadeecards - We were blown away by the gifts she sent!

Taryn hasn't taken the bracelet off yet, I love the colours of the beads!!
And the matching key ring has been displayed hanging from the living room mirror, Taryn couldn't bear to run the risk of breaking or losing it!
And two gorgeous cards as well! THANKS!!!
SO, finally got my own half of the swap parcelled up to go today. Suzanne, if you don't want to see it - hide your eyed now, or scroll up, or navigate somewhere else...
The swap was for a 'almost 7' year old boy, into Harry potter, Dr Who, minerals, rocks etc...
Eventually came up with a Book cover in Gryffendor colours, for his Harry Potter books, or anything else really - and a small 'wallet' in the same colours containing a load of crinoid fossils SSB and I went on a hunt for at the local quarry/nature trail.
I found it incredibly difficult to think what a nearly 7 year old would want (having little experience of boys that age) so, I really hope he likes it!

I also got an award! but, I have to do lots of links n stuff n ting for it, so, now I am back from la la land, I will hopefully get it on here this week!!!