Tuesday, 29 July 2008

and the winner is....!

OK! all the names are in, folded up and in the hat....er, dish

Glamorous assistant Taryn is mixing them up...
and the winner is......
the lovely Michelle at Cowboys and custard!
Massive thanks to you all for your lovely comments - week number 1 on the diet is finally over, it has been far harder than I expected, and I have been tired, emotional and very very hungry! but I lost 8lb so quite a good result!

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

good greif! 50th blog - and a give away!

finally! 50 blogs.
it has been fantastic fun so far, and it feels like the journey has only just begun, so in celebration I am going to be giving away one of my heart broaches, plus a load of other bits and pieces, some golden hands magazines plus some bits n bob's for loveliness in sewing pursuits. All you have to do is leave a comment on this post, and I will put names in a hat next Monday night - so almost a week...
Today is also my last day on solid food for a while. I have finally given in, gone to the chemist and signed up for the 'lipotrim' programme, a complete meal replacement - I AM A FOOD ADDICT!!!! there I said it.
just lately I have been comfort eating for the whole of our rainy country - then bent over the other day and split my pants - much to SSB and Taryn's amusement. so - no more cakes, puds, pies, sweets, kit kat chunky peanut butters, no more anything really! wish me luck as I wither away... hehehe
I took a photo of one of our lovely EDIBLE nasturtiums - I can't even eat that!so - the big diet starts tomorrow (don't they always?) Just think of all the crafting I can get done when I would have been eating - I will probably end up subconsciously knitting cup cakes!
so - updates when I have the strength to type (can't a girl milk the moment??)
eeek! just reminded me - someone sent me an e-mail the other day, and called me a lovely 'lady' OMG how old did I feel? a LOT older than I am - or a lot older than I feel! I wouldn't mind, but the 'girl' who sent it me is only a month younger than I am!!!

Thursday, 17 July 2008

a little bit of everything.

on the !st August, SSB and I will be celebrating our 5th Wedding anniversary. I know this is a bit premature, but life has thrown us our fair share of problems over the past 12 months, and as a couple we are just as strong as we were the day we got married. (sorry for the soppy sentimentalism...)
It seams like a million years ago now, and both our lives have changed so incredibly much since SSB posted to a drum group wanting a goat skin, and ending up 10 months later with a wife!
so - we have all sorts of 'life' stuff happening over the next few weeks, and will hopefully be basking in the sun (cough...yeah right!) at Gibraltar farm camp site on our anniversary for the annual 'family and Friends' camp.

the lovely Vicky has given me this award! Thank you so much!
there are apparently RULES to this award...
(copied and pasted from Vicky's blog)

1 . I can put this rather sparkly Logo on my Blog.
2. Put a link/or mention the lovely person who gave you the award.
3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
4. Put a link to those Blogs on your Blog
5. Leave a message on their blog of your nomination

So - here is the sparkly logo

I have put a link to Vicky's blog!!!

I am afraid I am just choosing 2 recipients...bad blogger me!

first Jo for being a super ace swap partner

second candeez who is making me insanely jealous of the weather where she is!!

both relatively new to blog land but both fascinating people!


This is the view from my office window this morning at 7.30. I kid you not, it could have been the middle of winter! Accrington isn't the cheeriest of places in the blazing sunshine - but come on - is this really summer???

SSB sent me an e-mail to tell me a parcel had arrived - at 9.30 this morning, so only had to wait 6 HOURS to get home and open it!!!!

and it was well worth the wait - just look what Jo sent me for the Russian doll swap!

a gorgeous doll, with two babies in her pouch, an bracelet a card and cutting all in this fab box! I LOVE THEM!!! thanks Jo!

here is the cutting

and the card...

and here is the cushion I sent to Jo - actually remembered to take a photo before I parcelled it up, and as she got it yesterday, I can post it up!wow - this post has been all over the place! sometimes I just have too much to say, and incredibly unorganised thoughts - but hey! that's life!!

oooh, almost forgot - next post is my 50th! so I will be doing my first give away - so keep your eyes peeled while I desperatly think what to give away!!!

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

St Swithins Day...

Happy St Swithins Day!!!
If it rains today, then we will have rain for the next 40 days - so same as the last 40 days really!
I have been addicted to my newest book, "the gentle art of domesticity" for a couple of weeks now, and as a tribute to the book, and the day - here are my very blue lemony fairy cakes, in the kitchen window with the rain behind them...

Right! off to the post office to post my Russian Doll Swap!!!
Enjoy the rest of the day - and I sincerely hope it isn't raining where you are!

Wednesday, 9 July 2008


I am hooked! after completing the hat - I went wool shopping on line! I placed my order, then decided the time had come to finish the socks I had started 4 years ago for my then unborn niece, who is 3 1/3 years old now.
I had knit the first sock, and feeling very proud of myself, cast on the next, then gave up.
I couldn't remember which size I had knit, and having no idea how to count stitches, decided that if I had cast on 48 st then I must have been making the 6-9 month size. it was only when I finished it I realised the socks are two different sizes, so if anyone out there has or knows of a baby with different size feet, let me know and the socks are yours!

then the wool arrived! it is gorgeous! I got it from www.theyarngallery.co.uk
and it is hand painted/dyed - the silk one is just so tactile, I think I may knit myself a tiny 'blanky' to carry round in my pocket, like a comforter...

This is lambswool and silk, and I think the name suits it perfectly - fruit pie. Yummy!

I have cast on (3 times so far) a pair of socks for myself - I can't wait to see how the wool knits up, and what weird shape or size the socks will end up!

And finally for today - a sneaky peek at my Russian doll swap 'article' for my swap partner Jo at http://kitschcraft.wordpress.com/ who is having trouble with her links to her blog - so if you can give her a hand to sort them out, pop over there and let her know - and take a look at her growing heard of pointy kitties!Just signed up for a kiddie swap at http://meecrafty.blogspot.com/ and have the challenge of getting my daughter into a jiffy bag...I mean creating something for a Harry Potter / Doctor Who fan...hmmm, real thinking cap time!

Friday, 4 July 2008

a first for the fig!

ok ok - so, it is just a hat, but it is the first 'garment' I have ever knit by hand! (I did knit a cardigan for Taryn about 16 years ago, on a knitting machine that has remained in a cupboard ever since...)
I was so chuffed! I am not a knitter, and being left handed in a right handed world doesn't help, but after 2 weeks intensive knitting, then realising after I finished I had used 4 ply instead of DK wool I think it has turned out OK - and about 6 months ahead of schedule! (it was going to be a Christmas Pressie for Shauny Sugar Buns...

The stalk was only supposed to be 8 rows, but SSB said "make it longer" so I made it longer, as a good obedient wife should!
He was very eager to model it for the blog - I think he has delusions of grandeur...and could have done with bringing forward his monthly shave!
he thinks he is one of those male knitting pattern models. sigh....I think a matching tank top is in order now!
And finally, a HUGE thank you to everyone who left me a message on my last post, it was quite humbling and very wonderful to read such lovely kind words from you all - thank you.