Friday, 4 July 2008

a first for the fig!

ok ok - so, it is just a hat, but it is the first 'garment' I have ever knit by hand! (I did knit a cardigan for Taryn about 16 years ago, on a knitting machine that has remained in a cupboard ever since...)
I was so chuffed! I am not a knitter, and being left handed in a right handed world doesn't help, but after 2 weeks intensive knitting, then realising after I finished I had used 4 ply instead of DK wool I think it has turned out OK - and about 6 months ahead of schedule! (it was going to be a Christmas Pressie for Shauny Sugar Buns...

The stalk was only supposed to be 8 rows, but SSB said "make it longer" so I made it longer, as a good obedient wife should!
He was very eager to model it for the blog - I think he has delusions of grandeur...and could have done with bringing forward his monthly shave!
he thinks he is one of those male knitting pattern models. sigh....I think a matching tank top is in order now!
And finally, a HUGE thank you to everyone who left me a message on my last post, it was quite humbling and very wonderful to read such lovely kind words from you all - thank you.


jennyflower said...

That is a very fine hat on a very fine model. An extra long stalk is always very impressive!

ethel and edna's tearoom said...

Fab hat! Well done fellow non-knitter. I think personally he needs either a knot or a bow for his long stalk!!!

Krafty Keely said...

Hi Kath well done with the hat it looks great!

I have just started knitting brooches it is really strange how we sometimes seem to do the same things.

I read about the market and echo the comments made under that blog, the stall looked lovely and knowing you the price would be low and the quality high.

Keely x

Ragged Roses said...

What a fab hat, I'm a fellow left hander, who after years of trying has given up totally on the knitting malarkey - I only sit in wonder at all you ladies who can!

Jennie said...

ooh I like the hat, it's brilliant and well modelled!!

tillyboo said...

Fab photo's, did make me chuckle!

Cowboys & Custard said...

Hats off to you Kath..! Oh sorry.. scraping the barrel a bit with humour these days!
I see you are another early blogger..I do my blog rounds between 6 -7 am normally!
Seriously though.. a wonderful hat and I am most impressed. I can only knit scarves...



Triffic hat!! and he looks great in it, put a little bell on the stalk and he could be your litle pixie!
Really well done with the knitting - I too can only manage scalves.
X Vicky x