Sunday, 29 June 2008 was an experience!

It definitely was an experience, and I am not sure yet just how I feel about it!
The market was dead! apparently it had only been advertised on Friday night, and after the ad had gone out, the Farmers market (along with music, entertainment etc) had all cancelled. But we stayed! we threw caution to the wind and set up our merry little stall of goodies, lovingly made over the past few months... I had taken some 'props' and free sweeties, and tried to make it colourful, added some small pocket money items etc etc...
I sold two items. making a grand total of £5.50p worth of goods, and a loss of what feels like several million!
There were quite a few of us there on our first market - or first time at Preston etc, and no one was impressed. Some had had a stall for the past couple of years and said this was the quietest it had ever been. Am I cursed???
I had deliberated over prices, and taken ages over it, but in the end no-one actually looked at the price tags, there were so few customers looking around, and most people just drifted past on their way to the shops, or looking for the non existent farmers!

The highlight of my day was the stall next to us - and before I left, and after looking round and round the stall several times, I had to buy something from them - it took all my float, the money I had taken and a small advance from my mum - but I love it!!!

Here they are wrapping my purchase in it's own 'body bag'

here is said body bag...
and here is Zadat...
The information on his preliminary Autopsy Toe Tag states;
Caste: Doldrites
Faction: Progues
Home: Murk, 3rd Island of the forest of gloom
Caught: Wedged behind the radiator
please take a look at there web site - it is brilliant!
The stall just over from that was also gorgeous! but they were packing up early and shipping out, fed up with the lack of people, and desperate to finish the web site she had been trying to promote all day - The lovely Emma Travis designed and made the loveliest stuff for kids bedrooms - so here is another link (although you may need to wait until she has finished it all!!!)
Anyway - came home, poorer, happy, and ready for the next challenge!
then decided to make these as compensation - yum!

I feel a giveaway coming on...back soon!


jo said...

what a shame! But your stall looked AMAZING!!! wow!!! you are so talented, so dont be discouraged, try again! or better still, set up your own fair! that is what i am going to do in london.
And, the little sock fella you got is gorgeous!!!

tillyboo said...

Oh what a shame. I know just how you feel, it's so disappointing after such hard work.
Your stall looked beautiful, so inviting ... if only it had been advertised. Still, look on the bright side, you have all your lovelies ready for the next one - don't give up !

jennyflower said...

That is poo! You deserved a stampede with all that lovely loot. Do you sell anywhere else? I have just tagged you on my blog if you'd like to swing by and pick it up....or send your new pet!

JuliaB said...

Hello! I just got here via Jennyflower. Shame about the market in Preston but well done for getting there in the first place (I just can't seem to manage a stall yet!). I used to live in Wilpshire up your way in the Ribble Valley. Very beautiful. And you sound as obsessed by sunshine (or lack of it) as I am! Nice to meet you.

Kate said...

Your stall looked wonderful! Sorry there wasn't more people.

ethel and edna's tearoom said...

Oh no! What a shame. I feel bad for encouraging you, but at least you've got over that first fair hurdle. I'm sure you've learned a lot from it.
I'm starting to panic about my first now. At least you had plenty of stock ready :o)

Purple and Paisley said...

how disappointing...but your set up? absolutely gorgeous! i'm so glad you stopped by my blog...i'm a big fan of yours! =)

Ragged Roses said...

Hello, sorry to hear that it wasn't a success. Your stall looked so lovely you must have been very disappointed. Hope you eat lots of those yummy cakes

Vanessa said...

I did a show yesterday as well and it was a wash out I did take a bit more money, but only £48 in total. There was not the footfall and also people did not seem to be parting with there cash as easy as they normally would. Don't let it put you off, because I think you have to find your feet in terms of the set up & what to expect and also some are definately better organised than others.

Least you have plenty of stock!

Vanessa x

pink-petal-designs said...

wish i had been there i would have bpught loads, your stall looked fantastic!! and im sure if more people had turned up you would have had a sell out!!
Sarah x

Suzie Sews said...

such a huge dissopointment, it shocks me how so many of us love craft fairs and yet we stick to internet shops, you just can not beat seeing things for to speak. Still is a good learning curve and you got that super sock creature...scary stuff!!! Your work looks so beautiful...

ethel and edna's tearoom said...

So now you've had a few days to ruminate have you any pearls of wisdom? Anything you would do differently?

Frantic sums up my life at the moment :o). I was trying to arrange with my sis when I could get down to Devon to visit her and I don't have a free weekend 'til after the kids have broken up from school. I need a holiday :o)

saraeden said...

So sorry you didnt have a good day !!
I used to live in Preston a few years ago before i moved back home !!
I think your first fair can be the worst but as people get to know you your sales seem to go up and i always look on a bad fair as a marketing exercise !!

Sara x

Indigo Blue said...

How disappointing! I had a simliar experience in May and that was due to poor advertising and clashing with another local event. I have been thinking and may give it another shot next month and the very few items that I did sell came with such good comments about my items that they said if only more people had actually arrived then items would have been snapped up. Your stall would have had me getting my purse out! Thank you for your regular visits to my blog. XX