Wednesday, 9 July 2008


I am hooked! after completing the hat - I went wool shopping on line! I placed my order, then decided the time had come to finish the socks I had started 4 years ago for my then unborn niece, who is 3 1/3 years old now.
I had knit the first sock, and feeling very proud of myself, cast on the next, then gave up.
I couldn't remember which size I had knit, and having no idea how to count stitches, decided that if I had cast on 48 st then I must have been making the 6-9 month size. it was only when I finished it I realised the socks are two different sizes, so if anyone out there has or knows of a baby with different size feet, let me know and the socks are yours!

then the wool arrived! it is gorgeous! I got it from
and it is hand painted/dyed - the silk one is just so tactile, I think I may knit myself a tiny 'blanky' to carry round in my pocket, like a comforter...

This is lambswool and silk, and I think the name suits it perfectly - fruit pie. Yummy!

I have cast on (3 times so far) a pair of socks for myself - I can't wait to see how the wool knits up, and what weird shape or size the socks will end up!

And finally for today - a sneaky peek at my Russian doll swap 'article' for my swap partner Jo at who is having trouble with her links to her blog - so if you can give her a hand to sort them out, pop over there and let her know - and take a look at her growing heard of pointy kitties!Just signed up for a kiddie swap at and have the challenge of getting my daughter into a jiffy bag...I mean creating something for a Harry Potter / Doctor Who fan...hmmm, real thinking cap time!


Candeez said...

That yarn looks lovely, too good for socks!I look forward to reading your 'spinning yarns.'

ethel and edna's tearoom said...

lol Daughter in a Jiffy bag - very good :o)
That yarn is gorgeous. Think the idea of your own little comfort blanket is a fab one. You can stroke it whenever you feel like it.
Eddie Vedder - know just what you mean. Maybe in a fruit pie? ;o) I confess I have never actually been a fan as such. Like whatever I've heard by them. His voice is a-ma-zing but it's The Man. Aaaaahhh... I could spend hours on Youtube drooling. :o)

Pipany said...

Hi Kath. Of course you can come to stay - always room for one more here!

Just had a catch up on your posts (sooo behind at the mo) and was sorry to hear of the craft fair. I don't think I have read of anyone doing well this year. Wonder if it's this awful weather which doesn't exactly make you want to dawdle? Keep at it - your stuff is lovely xx

funkymonkey said...

Hi Kath, thanks for visiting my blog. I've just had a good read of yours for the first time today. I'm sorry that your things at the craft fair didn't sell well because they looked beautiful. Perhaps it's because none of us have any money anymore. By the way I don't know much about African drums but I do have a Japanese drumming CD if that increases my street cred!Nice to meet another Funkymonkey.

prettyshabby said...

ooo i wish i could knit..even knit odd socks..kiddie swap? I'll put my order in now (polite, helpful, likes animals etc..)
I too have got a bit behind reading posts so have some catching up to do..i read on another blog about her not doing well at a fair recently..what a pain for you, but your alien sock creature is fab so at least you have him to smile about!!

Krafty Keely said...

I can just see Taryn going in the Jiffy bag.
The yarn looks great and can't wait to see the socks.

Like the idea of a catch up my place or yours?

Keely x

Kate said...

That silk and wool looks gorgeous!

Sal said...

Beautiful yarn! I've just discovered your lovely blog! Sal;-)

Ragged Roses said...

What beautiful yarn, glad to hear you've got the knitting bug. Good luck with the Dr Who/ HP challenge, something to do with time travel and floo dust perhaps or maybe you're going to have to knit a Dr Who scarf in all the Hogwarts colours

Jennie said...

The yarn is a gorgeous colour!
I hope you manage to find a baby with different size feet :/

Anonymous said...

i LOVE the colours thank you!! I am sooooo excited...just putting the finishing touches to your parcel!
thank you for the link to my blog,

Anonymous said...

ps - i have emailed you with my work address to post too, hope that is ok,
how exciting!!!!!

ladysnail said...

mmmm that wool looks so yummy! thank you for stopping by my blog. i love visiting vivkys blog! UCLAN is a good uni but i dont know much about the other courses-i would suggest trying a local college first to do some like evenings classes part time or see if they have any testers or a foundation year or something as uni life can be quite hard especailly if you are travelling/commuting to classes. thank you for the lion love. i keep meaning to 'colour' them in but i am scared of paint at the moment. dx.

Amber said...

From the comments, I can't tell...what is the story with the socks to date? (They look the same size in the pic...and they're super cute!)