Monday, 4 April 2011

Jobs I have put off for too long or The worlds slowest way to tidy up.

I am not a fan of house work - in any form. I alway seem to have something far more interesting to do, or far more urgent, or far more anything that actually commiting to doing house work, e.g. right now, I should be tidying the living room - but updating my blog is just so much more entertaining! 
After doing a pretty rotten craft fair on Saturday, and having spent the previous week making items for said craft fair, Sunday should have been a good housework day - but it was Mothers Day - so as a treat to myself, I gathered some old magazines I had been saving and went through them, cutting out pretty pictures to make scrap book pages to inspire my creativity - what ever was left of the mag was then taken swiftly to the recycle bin, so they wouldn't find themselves back on the bedroom floor!
Actually, it was very relaxing! I was like a 'pig in muck' so to speak, my magazines in shreds, some big skisors, and a glue stick.
Not quite sure if I have managed to glean any inspiration or ideas etc from this excercise and the house work is still calling out in a 'please put me out of my mysery' winy voice - but what the heck - I enjoyed it! 


Anonymous said...

'But what the heck, I enjoyed it'... says it all, and what better 'excuse' if you needed one to revel in old mags and play Blue Peter with glue and scissors? Enjoyment comes before duty when it comes to either reading and playing versus housework, don't you think?
Sorry the craft fair wasn't good for you though, don't you just hate it when that happens?

Anonymous said...

I agree with you. Much better things to be doing than housework lol!

Sorry to read the craft fair didn't work out, but I bet cutting up and pasting all those pictures in your scrapbook was very theraputic! Its something I should do, I'm drowning in magazines here!

Louise said...

Ooh yes, I save and glue snippets of ideas for the garden, and plants I must have. I must admit to always getting the housework done first though! x