Sunday, 1 May 2011

Craft Fairs and Farmers Markets

Hello my bloggy chums, I hope (if you are in the UK) you are making the most of this glorious sunshine!
It has been an absolutely stunning spring so far, which always makes me think that summer is going to be rotten, but fingers crossed it will continue to be as glorious as it is now! 

This morning we went off to Browsholme hall in Bowland to their monthly Farmers and craft market - it is in the most stunning location, nothing but rolling hills, green fields, twisty country roads and woodlands as far as the eye can see! I had gone to see if it would be worth taking a stall their. The market is in the old Tithe barn, and there were plenty of people there, but apparently people were not spending much money - also another stall selling items similar to mine already had residence, I was a little disappointed by how little the lady was charging for stuff, how she made things for so little I don't know. All the way home, all I could think about was finding a workshop for my Daughter to set up screen printing and me to sew the fabric she made - everywhere is just so expensive though! I will keep dreaming, who knows, one day! 

So - to help facilitate said dream, I listed some new items in my Etsy shop, one step at a time sweet figgy!

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