Sunday, 13 April 2008

when inspiration grabs you - run with it!

After a truly miserable week at work, which I endured with a stinking cold, chapped lips and about as much enthusiasm as I would put into jumping naked or otherwise into a swimming pool full of raw sewage - I was absolutely determined to get into my sewing room.
Daughter decided to rearrange her bedroom at the same time, and Husband wanted access to the loft to sort some stuff out up there - I am amazed I managed to get anything done at all! I do find it easier and easier to switch off these days though - at the drop of a hat, and after 12 hours solid and restorative sleep Friday night, got to work!

Inspired by other blogs as always (you wonderful giant therapy group out there - you know who you are!!!) I decided the way to go was miniature quilts... I am a little obsessed with using some flannelet cot sheeting I got from the local mill shop - I think it has a comforting homely look and feel to it, and you bloggers are converting me to the loveliness of pink...

but then, pink aside, had to use up some of my lovely bright scraps as well, some kaffe fassett, a little bit of vintage liberty...and loads of beady things from a £1 ASDA kids craft pack I picked up - gasp! horror!

Eager to continue on to the next project with immediate effect, searched for inspiration - I have commented on a couple of peoples 'light houses' recently, and remembered my sewing room light house statue I have had for donkeys years, mainly because I love the New England style colours, so made almost a replica of it.

Then last night, while running over idea's in the seconds between my head hitting the pillow, and sleep enveloping me I thought of perfume bottles - no idea why, except that maybe thinking about nostalgia and images etc, one immage that always makes me smile is the huge apothecary bottles with coloured water in in chemists of yesteryear - I don't know, they may still have them in boots - note to self to take a look next time I am in town!

Really struggled photographing everything today, it has either been very dark and overcast, or incredibly bright, and walked into the door frame after staggering back inside after taking these!

I am itching to make something else now but can't decide weather to continue with the quilt theme or go back to the curtain project, or start something completely different...if only every decision in life was this temptingly wonderful.


twiggypeasticks said...

wow they are fab !! I love the one with the trees on. Did you do them on your sewing machine? I really fancy doing one now, you've inspired me. I've had some quilting stuff laying around for ages, I may have found my quilting mojo
Thank you, you inspirational lady!
Twiggy x

pink-petal-designs said...

These are great, i really want to try a mini quilt.
Sarah x

Pipany said...

Hello - this is the first time I have found your blog and I love it! Thank you for the lovely comment you left on mine and for putting me on your list too. Great designs ou have there; how on earth did you manage to do so much?!!! xxx

julia said...

Fab ideas, they look so lovely. Isn't it great when inspiration just grabs you!
Julia x

Sophie said...

Hi Kath!
You have been busy - love the mini works of art - I love those days where ideas grab you and you can just run with them!
P.S - The hearts were in a mixing jug, they are just under 10cm in length.