Saturday, 9 February 2008

sun at last!

at last some sunshine - the nicest day in months!
hubby and I went out for a walk to the nearby river to see what changes the recent floods had made and see what had been washed up.
here is our terrier Jemmy, she was so excited, and got a long awaited swim in the river - it was about 75 degrees out - amazing for the north of england in mid winter

I love the sun sparkles on the water, and it was lovely and clear today - it can get a bit mucky at times

there was also loads of wierd and wonderful stuff that had been deposited from the worst floods we have had for a few years - so as the sunshine was so delicious and warm and we had nothing better to do we decided to make our own sculpture!

the strangest thing we found was someones dentures! I didn't take a photo of them though...

these guys were all near the gate of the feild we passed - they usually skitter off, but they must have been in a curious mood today!

right - off to the sewing room now, two birthdays coming up this week, niece number 2 is 3 years old on tuesday, and niece number 3 is 1 on thursday!