Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Oh my giddy aunt! 2 parcels for moi???

After a pretty glum, rainy, busy day yesterday - in particular an African drum workshop that left me frustrated and deflated, this morning I was awoken by my gorgeous handsome cat Stitch, who is not allowed upstairs but had somehow found a way and come to give his mummy a kiss and a cuddle.

Next - Hubby arrived with my freshly brewed toasted nut fudge coffee, the sunshine, and - 2 PARCELS!!! so I sent him straight back down stairs to collect my camera.

Biggest decision of the day so far....which parcel to open first???


From the other end of the country the lovely Marie sent me my Fabric Swap. A brilliant mini monster kit I can't wait to make, some juicy fabrics I love (especially the apple fabric) and in a few colours I haven't used before and can't wait to put into a project now! 2 bags of buttons and goodies, a rose brooch and a doughnut pin cushion with Marie's fantastic label on it.
Poor Marie has been having computer troubles recently - I hope she is back in blog land soon!

Next - all the way from the other end of the world! my Apron Swap partner Cathie at Melbourne epicure


It is so perfect for me! covers my 'ample' bosom and er...roomey hips!! 
She obviously knew I loved plants and had studied horticulture in the past! it is just perfect for me, and shall soon be seen on me while pottering around the kitchen and garden. Cathie also popped in some of her gorgeously photographed post cards, including one with a recipe on the back - so maybe a little baking will be in order to test the new apron!

The apron that will be flying off to Australia from me will be in the post today! 

So - MASSIVE THANKS to both of my FANTASTIC swap partners and to the fantastic people who organised the swaps! (I am planning my own swap soon!)

Better get started on my Boudoir Swap now


KC'sCourt! said...

Lucky you - what lovely gifts you received.
Julie xxxxxxxx

Pixiedust said...

Lovely goodies. xxx

The English Writer said...

How wonderful! Two very lovely parcels! I love the fabric x

Christy@WickedHappy said...

What a lucky gal you are! Lovely to get such fun things in the mail.

Marie - Heartfelt Handmade said...

hi, so pleased it arrived safe and sound (apologies it was a little late!), my computer is all well now, so I'll be blogging again soon with pics of the lovely swap you sent me.
Have a lovely sunny week

dosierosie said...

thought i'd repay the compliment. Lovely swap,

Pooch Morning Glory said...

that doughnut is the BEST.
im curious what happened at the drum workshop?

Louise said...

That apron's so lovely. Toasted nut fudge coffee. What's that? It's practically all my favourites rolled into one! x

twiggypeasticks said...

Lovely swapsies!!
Twiggy x

Valerie said...

I still feel like a kid when I get a parcel in the post, always fun to see what's inside.
Lucky you, getting such goodies. Best wishes Val

m.e (Cathie) said...

yay!!! so glad you liked it.
I did see some flowers popping up around your blog & hoped that you would like it.

periwinkle said...

don't you just love getting gorgeous things through the post - love the australian apron :-}