Sunday, 25 May 2008

So much to blog, so little space! part 3.

and Finally - even though this looks like it is first...ahem.

(and I have just figured out how I could have made it all one post...)

Megan from Maximum Rabbit Designs let me know on Friday that my dolly was in the post, and to be ready to be woken up on Saturday morning...

The sun was shining, SSB's had gone down stairs to brew fresh coffee for our weekend morning 'together time' and came upstairs carrying said coffee and a lovely parcel...what could it be???

Made SSB go and fetch camera from the sewing room before I could open anything - hurry up!!!

another parcel in the parcel, a lovely card, and this...

well, Megan recons she has never made a doll before! so can I now counter claim to have deflowered you of your doll making virginity???

She is absolutely adorable! and so clever - she is a bit of a goth, who I like to think started as a punk, shaved her head, then changed her mind and got THE FUNKIEST wigs!

Here she is in day mode, overlooking all the fabulous goodies she came with, sporting a risque but stylish red hair cut...

and here she is ready for a night out with oober stylish goth hair.

Thanks so much Megan - I have really enjoyed my first swap - you are super ace swap partner!

and here is her bottom...
(errr...not Megans! hehe)

She is ruling to roost in the sewing room!
on with the toadstool next!


megan said...

phew. . . . i'm soooooooo pleased you liked Miranda!!! oh yes you have taken my dollmaking virginity, you may well be my first but i don't think you'll be my last!!!

twiggypeasticks said...

Ohhh she is lovely, I LOVE her red hair look, gorgeous
Twiggy x

ethel and edna's tearoom said...

Your doll is just fab. Interchangeable wigs - now that's cool!

Just read your comment re weight loss & rhubarb. Oooh I love that stuff. Half a ton of it stewed with sweetener is a Healthy Extra B Choice isn't it? lol

Katy said...

she looks great, I saw your doll over on Megan's blog too - I love her - the skinny plaits are fabulous!!!

pink-petal-designs said...

love your doll, and her red hair!I have put your name in the swap :)
Sarah x

Pipany said...

Wow a mege catch up on your blogs! Great crafty things here and I love your fabrics (says she who covets fabric like most people covet chocolate!) xx

Anonymous said...

Very nice!!

Mama from France from
Swap world gift community, penpals and friends all over the world

pink-petal-designs said...

Hi Kath, sorry i couldnt find your email, just wanted to drop you a line about the swap, could you check my blog.
Sarah x

KittyKat said...

Very beautiful, you lucky lady.
Hope you don't mind but I have tagged you too.