Sunday, 1 June 2008

cromley beach n stuff

it feels like ages since i Blogged, but it is only 1 week. had a few days off work, and didn't manage to get done half of what I wanted to, but hey ho, that's life!
had a lovely day out at Cromley beach near Liverpool, we went to see the Anthony Gormly installation on Taryn's recommendation - a bit surreal seeing all those body's staring out to see, watching the ferry's and boats going by.
Daughter Taryn, the artist, dad and niece number 1 all posing for me!

Taryn getting cheap thrills by grabbing a barnacled bottom!
then on the way back to the car, we spotted an orchid!
Haven't looked it up yet, but knowing me it is bound to be just a 'common' orchid!

Been up to all sorts in the sewing room - finished my toadstool for the swap, it is on it's way to Quebec Canada tomorrow, so can't post photo's just yet, and also finished my Kitchen item for another swap, and likewise can't show pickies yet, as it hasn't gone...but soon...!!!

made this little dog from my favourite book of the moment - I wish I could come up with stuff like this myself! - I love the expression on his face. I have just been tagged by Vintage KittyKat so here goes...

1) What was I doing 10 years age...

well, I was a single parent to a then 6 year old Taryn Tickle mouse. Full time mum, busy sewing clothes and house furnishings, doing a city and guilds in patchwork I never got around to finishing, and I was still in my 20's - what ever happened to them?

2) what are 5 things on my to-do list today?

to get my van taxed on line

to parcel up my toadstool

to find my drum with it's split skin in the back of my van full of drums to get it re-skinned this week...

to make a start on my kitchen swap

to blog!

3) Snacks I enjoy

kit kat chunky's - peanut butter flavour

ikea choclostad bickies

salt n vinegar crisps dipped in coffee (tastes better than it sounds, and I don't take sugar in my coffee)

4) things I would do if I were a billionaire

do my house up as I always wanted it before I move to a new house!

sort out family financially

buy a farm and become self sufficient

buy a fabric shop!

pay someone to make me loose weight!

sleep a lot.

5) places I have lived

errr - very short list.



billington again

both villages next to each other in the ribble valley.

6) bloggers I would like to know more about...

well, most of them have already filled this in but




ethel and ednas tea room

urghhh - back to work tomorrow - the first full week in a long time, oh for my next day off!


ethel and edna's tearoom said...

Hi Juicy!! I actually did this tag about a week ago so it's going to come to a grinding halt with me... unless I just pass it on to four other people?...
Ooh had forgotten about Chunky Peanut Butter Kitkat *drool*
Am now off to have pud - rhubarb pie & custard - you sowed the seed!!! ;o)Last fling before starting WW this week.

pink-petal-designs said...

lol, Great pics at the beach !
You have made a start already..... well i did today, im gonna tell you about it cos your not actually getting it now , i spent all afternoon on making a pot holder as one of my things , i quilted it used some of my fav amy butler fabric then came to doing the edges and made a right mess of it, well not a mess but not perfect, so its gone on the scrap pile and im back to thinking up something else. I love the dog you have made, is it a tilda one? Love thiose books.
Sarah x

twiggypeasticks said...

Ohh thanks for tagging me - I promise to do my Twiggy tag facts in next couple of nights. Yours were v.interesting lady ! I bet the Anthony Gormly figures were great, I'd love to visit them. I live down the road from the Yorkshire Sculpture Park and there's some of his stuff there.
Twiggy x


Hi You! Just found you through Twiggy - so glad, I do love to hear about places near 'home', I use to live in Haslingden/Accrington, and I went to college in Clitheroe, and just love! Skipton!
I'm in sunny Anglesey now, but still a Northerner at heart.
I will be back for more.
Love the little dog - is he 'Snoopy'?
x Vicky x

Jennie said...

Hi, I love your blog!
I made one of those dogs but it's head is really wobbly. I made some of the bears out of the book too for a PIF. It's a great book.