Saturday, 7 June 2008

June is bustin' out all over!

My head had been too overloaded this past couple of weeks!

There always seams to be so much going on, so many places to be, so little time to fit everything in, when all I really want to do is escape to my sewing room and create!

I got an e-mail the other day about an arts market in a local town on the last Sunday of the month. They started in January, and are connected to a farmers market that runs along side. They are after stall holders, and it is just £18 rent for the day.

Now, this is what I really want to do - but (and this is where I always try and convince myself this is not a good thing to do)
I have never done this before!

I have never been to the market - I didn't know it was on, so I don't know how busy it will be.

I don't have nearly enough stock to fill a stall - can I make enough before the end of the month, while still working 35 hours a week in the day job, and with several drum workshop bookings as well as the rest of normal life etc etc?

will people like what I make enough to want to buy it?

will my drumming public liability insurance cover the market requirements or will I need more?

arghhh! too much! so much so that here I was at the computer at 7am on a Saturday morning reading blogs because I couldn't sleep!

if anyone out there has any suggestions or tips, please let me know!!!

The toadstool swap...

My toadstool from Canada was posted off about 2 weeks ago, and hasn't arrived yet - I really hope it is OK, and will turn up eventually. I posted mine to Canada last Monday - here is a wee peek at it...

and my kitchen swap - well, couldn't resist putting a wee peek of that on here as well, just finishing a little something else off, then twill be in the post!

hope you like the colours Sarah! (just realised the photo is on it's side...)

Today, Taryn and I are off to Lancaster for a shop. We haven't been for a couple of years, and to tell you the truth, I was a little disappointed last time we went. Lancaster always used to enthral me with it's eclectic collection of shops, but last time we went everything seamed to look just like every other town centre!

I am thinking I might just surprise Taryn, and nip to Carnforth Station first, and take her for tea. She has been studying Brief Encounter for her A'level in Film studies, and takes the micky out of the scene filmed here, as it is ever so British and proper - the station recreated the tea room (that was never actually filmed at the station itself) a few years ago, and I have been promising her a trip ever since. here is a little snippet from the Carnforth station web site...

In 1945 David Lean filmed his romantic classic “Brief Encounter” starring Celia Johnson and Trevor Howard. Carnforth was chosen by the Ministry of War Transport as it was remote and safe from attack. Filming had to take place at night between 10pm and 6am so as not to interfere with daytime train operations
I think she is dressing up in a 1940's style dress today - I really hope she does, and we can get some photo's for her and of her!


ethel and edna's tearoom said...

Oh I can totally sympathise. There seem to be 101 little things that all need addressing, but I tend to lump them all together and just get stressed. What I find is that if actually just look at one of the things and deal with it I have achieved something and suddenly the rest don't seem so monumental.
OMG!! How patronising do I sound?! It's lack of calories addling my brain :o)
Market stall - I say 'go for it'!! What's the worst that can happen? If you haven't got enough stock just keep going 'til you've sold as much as you have then pack up. Wish I lived closer and we could share ;o)

SugarPlumpFairy said...

I had a realy lovely day thankyou!!
Canforth station was a nice treat even tho i figured it out in the car on the way!! hehe
Lancaster was nice but it is starting to look like every ohter town center in the UK! But i thaught it was good for charity shops!
Thanks for a nice day out!

Curlew Country said...

Hope Taryn enjoyed the 40s nostalgia (I'm very inspired by it too at the mo, Carnforth would be a great trip). What a fabulous name by the way, I've not heard of Taryn before, very pretty.

prettyshabby said...

Havent got any tips I'm afraid, Ive got sewers block myself..(thats a person that sews problem not a drainage problem!!) ten million things to do and here I am blogging at midnight!
£18's good for a stall though.. absolutely go for it!
love the toadstool you made by the way..if you havent already ,you should make some more for your stall!

pink-petal-designs said...

Get that market done, your stuff is lovely and im sure you will do really well, you can do it !!
I love the look of my sneaky peek.
Hope you had a fab day shopping and tea.
Sarah x

Katy said...

I had a parcel sent fro canada in march which turned up only a few weeks ago...I think that canada post is a bit slow sometimes ;)
Your sneaky peek of the kitchen swap looks beautiful! Can't wait to see what it is!

Kate said...

No tips either - but the market sounds great. Cute toadstool!

megan said...

love the toadstool!!
go for the stall - why not eh?
i'd make a basket full of cheap things to go at the front - people love a bargain and a good ole rummage!!!

ethel and edna's tearoom said...

Thanks for your comment. How lame am I? What got me with WW was sitting there trying to do maths before I could eat anything, and all the time my stomach was making noises to rival a major earthquake!! With SW if I'm hungry I know straightaway what I can eat without trashing the diet. Am I brain-washed? :o)

Krafty Keely said...

Hi Kath it's Keely, I noticed your blog ages ago and have been reading it avidly for ages I have only just plucked up the courage to start blogging myself. Where is the market? Let us know what you decide.

jo said...

Hey swap partner!
You should definately go for it and do a stall! They are so much fun and you get a good idea of what people like from what they buy. I am going to hold a craft fair in london soon i hope.
It is hard to fit it in around work and family, but you will do brilliantly!! Go for it!!!

Pipany said...

Righty-oh, here's what I think (for what it's worth!):
1. Market stall - go for t (says she who never has done one). £18 isn't too much to lose if nothing sells; stock is the worry but even a small but well presented stall 1st time may be worth a shot to gauge reaction. Ask others if they have been and if it's busy and people are buying (as opposed to browsing).

2. NEVER enough time for sewing. Spend my whole life dreaming of being in my sewing room and frantically playing catch up when I do finally get there. Late nights seem to be the only way and the light is awful then.

3. Brief Encounter - ahhhh!

Niki M said...

Thanks 4 coming 2 my blog I realy appreciate it. Your always welcome 2


bye Niki M