Saturday, 14 June 2008

Brief Encounters...

We had a brief encounter! Taryn loved it - she guessed as we were hurtling along the M6 and I was wittering on about trains...I am so subtle.

It was actually a really nice visitor centre, very peaceful and quiet until you actually got into the cafe which was full!

Taryn had to have her photo taken at every opportunity "this is where Laura and Alex first kissed" "this is where she waved good bye" etc etc.

Here she is pointing out the actual clock from the film - still telling the right time.

And here she is in the cafe - I love the brief encounter cakes - does this mean they only visit ones hips fer a very short while? oh, well in that case we shall have a selection!
A small parcel arrived this week - all the way from CANADA!!!

My TOADSTOOL finally arrived from Stephanie at
isn't it gorgeous? I absolutely love the colours, really fresh, and I think the fabrics are silk!

the weirdest thing was, both our toadstools arrived on the same day - even though there was over a weeks difference in posting!

and I love the Chinese fabric for the stalk!

Thank you Stephanie!

I have decided to take the plunge with the market - and posted off my money etc to the powers that be - so I am committed now, and have been very busy in the sewing room making stock.

I am off to Brungerley Park in Clitheroe today, they are having a party/picnic for the re-opening of a sculpture trail, and for some reason want to shatter the peace with a drum workshop!

PS!!! Giveaway alert! my good friend at Krafty Keely (link at the side...) is having a give away - go and check it out, her work is gorgeous!!!


Indigo Blue said...

Many thanks for visiting my blog. I wish I had had a go at the toad stool swap now as all of the ones that I have seen have been brilliant! Best of luck with the market, let us now how you get on. Pop back anytime you are very welcome. I am wondering whether to do another craft fair.

Krafty Keely said...

Hi Kath, glad your toadstool arrived well worth the wait.
I don't have enough bits for half a stall, and won't have enough time to get enough things ready before the end of the month. I will make an effort to make more cards and if you go again I will make sure I have enough. I am sure you will do well your things are just so beautiful. I am having a giveaway check it out and let me know what you think. This blogging lark is soooooo cool.

Keely x

StayMa said...

Hello! Wow You put the toadstool on your blog! Yeah it's kimono silk!

I send you little sweet things today my mail... Maybe in 2 weeks you will have it. Hihihi

Good luck too with the market!

It was a pleasure to do this swap with you!

StayMa xxxx

Krafty Keely said...

I can't believe it was 5 years ago, where does the time go?

Thanks for the reading I have just had a look at it and remember it from your day now. What a lovely day it was just perfect.

I think it is great and what's more you are the 1st name in the draw. I say 1st as I am hoping for more.

I think it would be great if we could go together as well so let me know if you go again.

Take care Keely x

Indigo Blue said...

Your comment on my new post made me laugh out loud this morning! Great way to start the day.

twiggypeasticks said...

Lovely toadstool. Glad you had a nice day out, I LOVE Brief Encounter, I must visit Carnforth sometime soon.
Twiggy x

Pipany said...

Hi keely and am so jealous of your Brief Encounter. I love that film. Glad you had a good time though xx

driftwood said...

gorgeous toadstool, and I'd love to visit the station and have a breif encounter!

Krafty Keely said...

Hi Kath thanks for the promotion. I thought I would fill you in on the link thing.

I am sure there are easier ways but this is what I did

Copy the www. address from the internet bar at the top of the screen you want to link too.

Paste it onto a word document press enter so that it shows as a link.

Once you have done this right click on the long link that you copied into word select edit hyperlink from the table.

When you have done this it should come up with a large table to allow you to do a million things that I have no idea about so ignore everything except for the bit that says text to display. In this section type in the way you would like the link to look for example Krafty Keely intead of

Then you can click ok.

You should be back on the word document with the hyperlink named the way you want it.

Last but not least copy and paste this to where you want it to go.

It sounds more complicated than it is and takes less than a min!

There is probably some quicker way but this is the only way I know and I am really pleased I worked it out.

If you are struggling to follow the instructions let me know.

I don't know what I can do(probably laugh).

I asked little C if he remember dancing to "the day we went to Bangor". He said he doesn't remember the music but does remember dancing round the table.

By eck those kids had some energy didn't they?

Keely x