Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Summer Solstice

Just typical! only two days away from the longest day of the year, mid summer, England's green and pleasant land and all the rest of it - and where has the sun gone? It has poured down all day here, and my mood has gone down faster than the rain! I have been a right old grumpy so-n-so.
So, a little light blogging to cheer me up is definitely in order.
Yesterday was the monthly pilgrimage to see Grandma in Warrington, and for a change (to Ikea, errr, well actually, as well as Ikea) we decided to go the the HUGE Laura Ashley shop.
LA's used to be one of my favourite shops, especially as they had a factory outlet near by - not as big as the liberty outlet, but still good for a bargain, but I kinda got fed up with them for a few years.
OMG! I was in Laura Ashley Twee Heaven! if only I was a wealthy girl! there was just too much niceness in there, and in the end mum treated me to a couple of meters of sale fabric (still V expensive!) but soooo lovely!
I had been enraptured earlier in the week by a multitude of wild roses along the path to the river nearby. (ooh, that sounded ever so grand and posh like!) I just love English hedge rows - they have fascinated me all my life, and from a very young age I was introduced to Cicily Mary Barkers Flower Fairies poetry. I still get excited when I see the wild autumn aliums or 'lords and ladies' under the hedges, lighting the fairies paths so they can get home from the dance safely. jeese - how sad am I? !!!
I have been tucked away in the sewing room at every opportunity as well. At the beginning of the week the labels I ordered turned up from mini labels
- I am so pleased with them, a real bargain, and they arrived in just over a week! and here are a couple of bags I have made for the stall!
And finally for the day - a quick shot of all my lovely drums (well, some are mine, most I borrow) all set up in the park waiting for some eager drummers!

Taryn with the 'flutterby' she and niece No1 were making out of willow. Unfortunately they didn't get time to cover it, so it is now residing in my van until they get a sunny day to finish it off, although I have no idea where they intend to put the finished article!
My last rainy day pick me up task is to sit and dream about how many different things I can get out of my new fabric, and when I can afford to go back and buy the glass domed cake stand from the sale! (because I desperately NEED it!)

Almost forgot! Thanks Keely! The tutorial was spot on! you did tell me what to do, and I did do it!!!!

pps...gloat, gloat, cough, ahem! shuffle shuffle...


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julia said...

Lovely fabrics, I grew up in a Laura ashley filled bedroom and I've never gone off their stuff. Where is the Liberty outlet you mentioned?
Love the bags, the labels look fab.
Julia x

Cowboys & Custard said...

Hi Kath
Oh yes... I share your doom and gloom about the weather.. a bit of sun makes all the difference.
I am v impressed with those labels.. I might have to pick your brains about supplier?? but not wishing to tread on your toes..
My son would be in seventh heaven with those drums... please forgive me if I am repeating myself.. I do a lot of it these days.. but we have bought my son a set of large congas for his birthday next month. I had better warn the neighbours!

julia said...

Hi Kath
Shame about the Liberty shop, at least it'll save me some dosh.
Jack is into any books, Enid Blyton is still a big fave but he will read literally anything, which explains why I found him in the loo the other day scanning the Tampax leaflet and telling me with glee that he'd even looked at the pictures - Eeeek!
Julia x
ps. Are you doing any of your drumming workshops over the summer hols?

ethel and edna's tearoom said...

I don't believe it! I think you're all cheating!! I'm going to do the quiz again!! lol :o)
Actually first time around I only got 23%...
BUT I did lose 2lbs yesterday. Yipppeeee! OK It's not a HUGE amount for a first week but it's a loss and that's all that matters.
And the sun is back today. Hooray!

Krafty Keely said...

Glad the tutorial worked and so nice to see it in action.

Liked the label and like Ethel & Edna's tearooms think you lied on the housewife quiz. I bet you said you could hold an intelligent conversation didn't you!

Love the bags and agree the labels look really good.

Keely x

jo said...

i love your bags!! They look amazing!
You should definately make a grab ball, they are so easy!!
check out the russian doll tin on my blog!!! I got a mug too for work!! i am slightly obsessed!!!

Kate said...

The Laura Ashley shop sounds great and love the fabrics you bought.