Friday, 16 May 2008

life is to hectic!

Life is far too hectic at the moment! well, actually, life is pretty much the same as always, but when I don't get time to craft, then it is too hectic...
the new copy of country living was purchased last night, and only got 5 minutes to flick through it this morning before I left for work, but saying that, it has to entertain me for a whole month, so better to pace myself I think.

Tomorrow I am off to the Clitheroe Festival - and long story short, I am doing several performances playing the 'doundounba' accompanying a lovely Gambian called Mbackeh Darboe. the truly scary part is that we have only met a couple of times, we have never actually performed or even practiced or played together, and I have to just turn up at 11am, and launch straight into a piece I know nothing about! it should be interesting to say the least. I am trying to be calm and Buddhist about it, while my stomach is actually in knots! - oh, I am sure it will be fine...

Daughter unit has decided at the very last minute to go to London for the weekend to an art exhibition, not sure who it is, but his work includes a urinal - told her to fetch me a key ring back if they are urinal shaped, (can think of several people it would make an ideal gift for! hehehe) so also apprehensive about my baby going off to the big smoke all alone at her tender age - she will be stopping with relatives, so should be OK, and she has her mobile, but never quite sure if that is a good thing or not, because if she doesn't answer I go straight into panic mode.

then hopefully, at the end of all that, I have taken Monday off work with a view to actually getting onto the sewing room for a little therapy.

so - lets hope the weather holds up for the weekend, drumming is spectacular and child returns safely from big adventure, then all will be right with the world.

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julia said...

I love Clitheroe, we often go and picnic by the river (where the little train is) when I stay with my parents.
Your comment about your hubby peeing in your new dish made me laugh, I'm trying not to picture the scene!
Good luck with the drumming.
Julia x