Sunday, 18 May 2008

Clitheroe Festival

So, as usual, I get myself all worked up and terrified, and as usual, everything works out fine in the end! We had a great day at the festival, and the drumming went down really well - hard work, but worth it, my poor arms were aching, and my finger tips stung, but that is always a reminder of a good day. Here is a very rare photo of me, second from the left with the big doundounba drums.

There had been a flag making workshop a few weeks ago I was supposed to go to, but couldn't make it at the last minute. The flags were displayed above the shops through the town, and looked fab - I really liked this one, but couldn't read it as I had forgotten my glasses. I want my own flag now!!! Look at the lovely grey sky above it. The rain held off all day until our last performance, so we played under the shop canopy of 'cowman's famous sausage shop' - really, the only way is up from here on in!

With an hour to kill between each performance, I ended up, inevitably, in the charity shops. I think Clitheroe has to be the small town charity shop capital, there are at least 8!
One of those wonderful serendipitous events occurred. I had less that 24 hours earlier commented on the lovely Megan at maximum rabbit designs blog regarding her obsession and growing collection of Russian dolls, that I never ever see them around here. The first thing I spot in charity shop number one is a Russian doll. The woman behind the counter tells me she has just put it out, and does she know me? I turned out we were in Pinocchio together about 28 years ago in the Whalley Church Players.
Anyway, back to the Russian dolls... I couldn't wait to get back to the car and take them apart and see what was inside, as the main doll was quite small - just look! 10 dolls!!! - it is a 1p piece at the end, so 3 of the dolls are smaller than a penny!

My second charity shop moment of bliss was this coffee service. It had been in the shop a few weeks at £10, and I really couldn't justify spending that on it, even though it is royal doulton. anyway, I went in the shop, and it had gone. pottered about the brick a brack at the other end of the shop, and there it was! It had been reduced to £5. I decided it was meant to be mine, and swiftly took it to the counter. it is now sitting on the kitchen window sill. I took the shot with the back yard in just because everyone is showing off there gorgeous gardens at the moment. I have never managed to get a house with a garden, but love gardening, I even studied horticulture for a while. I love my tiny yard really, and just try and make the most of it, everything is in bright pots, and I couldn't help myself with the walls and shed door, blue and Post box red! ok ok, I like it! and finally - WHERE HAS THE SUNSHINE GONE?????


julia said...

I'm a fan of post box red - see Jack's chair to prove it! Love the coffee set and I'm glad the drumming went so well, it sounds really good fun.
Have to hitr those Clitheroe charity shops next time I'm up!
Julia x

Kathy said...

Hi, I am pleased to tell you that you have won my giveaway. Please email me - with your address and I will post the earrings! Well done. Kathyx

ethel and edna's tearoom said...

What a fab day! Shame about the weather but - hey! - it's Britain. Why do we ever expect otherwise? Last week was just a fluke! ;0)
Love the window shot and the fab red door.

Suse said...

I love that red door.

Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog!

megan said...

hi there juicyfig!!! i got my sweet dolly today - thanks - she's just my cup of tea and has settled in well and is already making friends!!!! there is a teaser for your doll on my latest post to if you wanna little peek!!!

Lucy @attic24 said...

Hello Kath
Have to say I am very jealous that you have won kathy's gorgeous heart earings, but at least I have found your blog whihc is lovely!
I moved house 6 mths ago and our new house only has a small back yard, i havent decided if I am missing my garden yet, I think the answer is No...I am planting up lots of pots too and had deliberated painting my wall forget-me-not blue - love your yard colours, it looks green and lush from your photo

carolyn said...

Love your red shed door!

twiggypeasticks said...

Great photo of your drumming. I think charity shop finds are such a buzz, the things you bought were just waiting for you!! I think your red door is lovely.
Twiggy x

mollycupcakes said...

Great find in the charity shops hun, have you seen the Russian doll set from Ikea. They are very pretty. You might like them.

Loving the garden the blue and red look so right together.

Have a great weekend.

Catherine x

megan said...

hi - i've posted off your dolly today!!!! i sent it first class - signed for - then i felt guilty that you may get woken at stupid o'clock by the postie - sorry if you do!!!

prettyshabby said...

hi Kath thanks for your messages..I've finally got round to a visit! Well done on the drumming at least the rain held off for a bit! my youngest son did a drum performance once(all made out of recycled rubbish..that kind of thing) and he was really nervous too so he knows how you felt!
Those russian dolls are tiny are those last three.. incredible! and I have to say I just love the colours on your shed x

girlonarock said...

i'm really enjoying reading your blog! love the drums (and the brass band behind you!) do you play regularly in a group? and those russian dolls are adorable!