Sunday, 4 May 2008

Elephants and Silverdale

At the beginning of the week, I had a fit of Elephant making come over me. I found some wonderful buttons in Grandma's button tin that made perfect eyes. so two days later here are the elephants all on parade in front of the machine. I love this pattern, but feel it is time to stop the herd from growing any further...and move onto one of the million other projects I have stuck in my head at the moment.

On the strength of someone mentioning a heat wave last week, I booked Friday off work. It then proceeded to rain every day up to Friday. We decided to go to Silverdale, north of Lancaster, for the day anyway. This is my favourite chilling out place possibly on the planet! And it couldn't have been a more wonderful day. Coffee at Wolf House Gallery first, sitting in the sunshine watching Shauny sugar buns eat Sticky toffee pud... then down to the sea front. Took loads of pickies, the sun was out, the tide was out-ish, and there was no sound pollution at all, the only noise was the from the seabirds and the odd pheasant.

The smell of these wall flowers was sooo delicious, of course SSB had to climb up for a closer look, while I sat on a big rock waiting for the crash

Further along the shore was a tree stump. it had been there for a long time, and the whole thing had the most amazing colouring, it looks like some kind of fungus or weathering - took loads of photo's of it close up, but I think this one shows it best

and a view of Morcambe Bay - through the stump...And finally, the lane leading down to the cove where we left the car - look, no people either!!!

I love this place, it has everything, Sea, cliffs, ancient woodland, sweet meadows, stone cottages, old wells, walled gardens, sunsets, and about 37 years of memories - ahhhhh! wonderful


A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Those elephants on parade look so cute. You were lucky to get the beach to yourself on your outing to Silverdale - looks like a magicial place.

julia said...

I think Silverdale will be top of the list next time I'm up north, don't know if I've ever been there. Kirkby Lonsdale is one of our favourite haunts when I visit, we love to have a picnic by the river then walk into town and on to Ruskins view (think that's its name!). We used to go as children but it's changed beyond recognition since then.
Hope the sum shone for you over the weekend.
Julia x
ps I'm intrigued with the view from your window, it looks amazing.

JuicyFig said...

Thanks! Silverdale is extremely magical...

and the view from my sewing room window is first 'Whalley' areches, part of the settle to carlisle line, but before you get to settle, then Pendle Hill in the distance, famous for it's witches!

shabby chic said...

Hi the cove looks beautifull, the sea is so nice. brighton beach is so full of people sometimes it can be a bit stressfull! to find a qiet cove thats nice.
I love the elephants they are so cute x Dom

Kate said...

Cute elephants!