Tuesday, 3 July 2012

a little colour in an otherwise grey sky.

Yesterday I drove a whole 5 miles to Gisburn to collect baby fig from the beat-hearder festival.

Last year she had gone for the first time. The weather had been amazing, she came back the same colour as a boiled lobster with colourful tales to tell about the whole experience. The people, the bands, the food, the camping, and everything else that goes with a festival.

Yesterday I struggled to get my car onto the site through the mud. Everything she had taken was caked in it, wet and muddy and more than a bit smelly, her legs were aching, and she was tired.
She has just woken up after a good 13 hours sleep in a rotten mood, so I have escaped upstairs to avoid give her some time to sort her stuff out.

I have been playing with colour to keep a cheerful head on while the rain continues to fall here.

I have been working on a bathroom rug made from Tee Shirts cut into 1" strips and knitted.
It is working out better than I hoped, but is getting quite heavy now and squeaks while being knit. 

It is also taking a lot more Tee Shirts than I thought it would. I am on my 4th now and it is still only 20" long.

A friend gave me a ball and a half of some Rico creative DK - so I decided to make myself my 2nd 'Childry' 
It is perfect for just protecting my neck from drafts and keeping the earache at bay.

Although the frilly edge is over 600 stitches long, so I only knit about 3 rows instead of 6 - they were taking almost 1 hour each - and lets be honest, who really need a frill that deep?

We have between the rain and floods actually had 1 really nice day last week. As I sat in my little sewing room this lot pulled up outside the window. They were off to the fields behind us to cut the grass for haylage. It is like a military operation with the filled trailers hurtling up and down the road all evening - and none of them slow down for the speed bump about 20 yards away because I think they like the incredible noise it makes. Ah, the bliss of country living!


Tilly Rose said...

I love the t-shirt knitting!
Simply gorgeous....

Tilly x

Daisie said...

The shawl is yummy, think I may have just the thing in my stash to knit one for me.......

Elly said...

Polka-dot yarn? I think I'm in heaven!! That's going to be one great looking bathmat.

I've been thinking about crocheting bathmat with a cotton yarn, but maybe I'll try t-shirt yarn - thanks for the idea!

KC'sCourt! said...

Remember the mud thing - my son did Glastonbury three times - yuk - nothing was allowed the washing machine until the mud was washed off in the garden!
Gorgeous knitting.
Julie xxxxxxx