Monday, 23 July 2012

when everything turns to cr@p - knit socks.

I don't know if it has been the rotten weather of late but all my mojo seams to have gone. I have not been in my craft room for weeks and just don't feel inspired to do very much at all. I have let me folksy shop run down to almost no stock because I was just not getting any interest at all, and my Etsy shop has had few visitors either, I emptied all the books from my Amazon shop because they were all very heavy and you don't get enough to cover postage, and when others sell their copy at 1p - well, I just couldn't compete - and I seam to have almost run out of things to sell on ebay.
I have been desperate to finish quilts before starting any new ones but the tops I have are all huge so I just don't have the space to do them properly and likewise I really want to go through my fabric collection and make myself some new clothes but can't for the same reasons. 
To be honest I have feel thoroughly sorry for myself.
Mr Figs Noro Rainbow socks

Something that does keep me busy and is ultimately rewarding is knitting a pair of socks. 
They are something I can do without having to think too much, I can watch telly, chat, take them anyware, and that tube just goes round and round and round. In the past month I have knit 4 pairs - two were claimed by Mr Fig instantly and he has worn them in rotation ever since - even gently hand washing them himself! Another pair is for my Grandma's 98th birthday next month (deliberately in bright colours as she can't believe they make anything but grey sock wool, or that people knit them these days.) and the last pair has been for myself as a pair of slouchy warm soft sitting around at night socks. 
Grandma's 98th Birthday present.

My box of sock knitting wool is still full to the top - and there always people who are willing recipients of a pair of hand made socks. No matter what other projects I have on the go - or not on the go as the case may be, I will hopefully always have a sock on the needles.

random arty close ups of socks!

If you are a sock knitter you will know what I mean - if you always wanted to have a go at sock knitting but were afraid of using 4or5 needles - HAVE A GO! it's easier than you think (once you get past the first couple of rounds!!!!)


KC'sCourt! said...

Smart socks!
Julie xxxxxxxx

Jules said...

I'm right there with you on the lost mojo thing and feeling a bit out of sorts. I have to say, sock knitting would drive me to drink! I've tried a couple of times and seem to manage to work inside out, backward and back to front so socks are not for me but if they make you feel good (and they do look great) then cheers to socks! x

topchelseagirl said...

Love the colours!