Monday, 18 June 2012

shouldering the burden

For over a week I have been feeling very sorry for myself. An old shoulder injury came back to haunt me and I have been fairly immobile and full of painkillers, wincing and moaning and feeling generally crappy.

It is easing away now, and just in time as over the next few weeks I have to work long hours doing 'piece' work for a rush order of plastic flags for a company in the village. It pays well but is rather sporadic. It's not what I want to be doing, but at the moment is a necessary evil. Today is my last day off for a while!
I was so glad the sun shone this morning. 
I have had to lay off the knitting for a while as it aggravates my shoulder, but managed to finish off the squares for a cushion cover - all laid out ready for assembly.
The Country File photographic competition is upon the nation once again. So I set out with my camera for a short stroll round the field a couple of streets away - just me, the dog and the cat. Always a strange sight!
I don't think I managed to get any winning shots - and the animals are as far from wild as you can get - but they are so cute I can't help myself. 
I suppose I am going to have to get all extreme with the weather of the time or the situation to get the shots I really want! 
Poor old Jemmy having yet another rest. 


Hannah Pedigree said...

Hi Kath!

My name is Hannah and I'm contacting you from Pedigree regarding the Joint Care+ Trial programme we're currently running. I'm not sure if you saw the e-mail I sent to you last week, but I just thought I'd catch up with you and see if you were interested in getting your dogs involved in our free 6 week trial! It's completely free and there's no hidden catches, we're just keen to see what dogs such as yours think of the product.

Joint Care+ can be very beneficial for aging dogs and we'd love you and Jemmy to take part in the trial as so many other have done over the past couple of months. If you could let me know if you're interested then I can send you across some more details. In the meantime, take a look at the Pedigree Joint Care+ Play Again video to see what you can expect at the awesome events we’re holding for dogs, and the Pedigree Facebook page for all the updates on current triallists.

If you have any questions and you'd like to be involved then please feel free to get in touch (hannah [at] uk [dot] pedigree [dot] com). Hope to hear from you shortly!

Kind Regards,


Twiggy said...

How cute does Jemmy look? I hope your shoulder is feeling better :(