Wednesday, 4 April 2012

The Weather.

What is going on with the weather?

I have been so cold for the past 2 days, and we have a gale blowing at the moment, rattling the tiles on the back of the house, and whipping ivy against my sewing room window in a hammer horror style! I read on the BBC news web site some months back about a woman who had been knitting, crocheting and sewing nose warmers and selling loads of them, I wish I had bought one now - my nose always seams to suffer from the cold more than any other part of me - even my newly crocheted slippers needed the help of a blanket last night, and I am determined not to put the heating back on as much as it was in the winter - it's supposed to be spring goddammit! 

Here is picture taken a couple of 'spring's ago that at least looks warmer! 

For the past 12 months I have had a 'spare' computer sat doing very little in my sewing room. My Dad gave it to me when he was upgrading his own. While trying to sort out cheaper Internet we ended going wireless and one dongle later I am all connected in the privacy of my own room - although I am a little worried I may get distracted reading blogs all day and not sewing! I have been very good so far and used the time to upload new items to my ETSY shop, and of course do a little bit of blogging....

I did think it would be easier to blog, more creative, quieter, less distractions - I somehow don't think it is going to work out quite like that though! 

I am off to our local knit n natter soon. I hope they have the heating on in the cafe rather than the air conditioning. I think a warm pair of woolly socks and a big jumper may be in order. Last week I was sampling there delicious Frape's this week might just be the hot chocolate. 


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KC'sCourt! said...

Yes what has happened to the weather? Hot - Cold.......what next........?
Julie xxxxx