Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Warm Tootsies...

If we didn't have so much weather, what would we find to talk about!

After a glorious week, today is grey and drizzly and cold! I have been a busy little bee for the past few weeks though, and this week finally finished (or should I say "gave up on") my crochet blanket. It started off as a cushion cover, then grew a bit, and a bit more, then turned into an excuse to use up oddments of DK wool, then I had to buy some DK wool to get round the blanket in one colour - but then I became incredibly bored - sick of going round and round and round and finished the damn thing. However, the second it was finished my fingers were itching to start something new and as my feet have been very cold lately I decided to make a pair of slippers. 

These are so easy to make, just make yourself 12 granny squares and hook them together! They took me 3 evenings, and used up 2 of the colours I had bought for the blanket! 

This year I have been determined to get a head start on gifts for family. I ALWAYS leave everything to the last minute, and then end up having to go out and spend more than I have. As I currently have less than no money I have been through my stash and decided on what I can make for people - and I have actually finished one gift with MONTHS to spare!

(drum roll please) Tada!!!!!

A pair of socks for my wonderful Dad for Fathers Day! how about that for early?

And I have made a start on Mr Figs Christmas pressie - yes, that's right, his Christmas pressie! As his birthday is on New Years Eve I must also soon make a start on that - but for Christmas I wanted to really challenge myself and am knitting him an Aran sweater. I have done a couple of very small simple projects in the past using a simple cable, but decided if I didn't make a start and have a go I might never get around to it, no time like the present and all that.

The pattern for this is over 30 rows, and I can only knit it when I am alone and in silence such is the concentration needed, but I am really enjoying it! It is a little bit slower but so much more interesting than just doing stocking stitch. It is a good job he is the smallest size on the pattern though!

Here is is so far...

If I don't get back here before Easter, have a good one. I hope the sun comes out wherever you are, and whatever meaning Easter has for you, I wish you Joy.


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Once Upon a Time in the North said...

Hi thanks for you lovely comment!! I love your granny squares slippers.....can't believe I've put my fire on! Tsk!!