Monday, 26 December 2011

wrapping paper

wrapping paper by juicyfig
wrapping paper, a photo by juicyfig on Flickr.


KC'sCourt! said...

Shall I give you my tip - whether I salvage the pretty bags or purchase wrapping paper from the Poundland - which comes in packs I usually choose a set with a plainish or stripey paper and use a birthday wrap!
Julie xxxxxxx

topchelseagirl said...

At the beginning of this year I used my pinking shears to cut some of last year's Christmas cards into gift tags to use this Christmas.
Luckily I remembered that I had done this and so I didn't need to buy any tags this Christmas. I will be doing the same again in a week or so's time.

JuicyFig said...

thanks for your comments, keep them coming! I will be doing the christmas cards into gift tags next week, got to spread it out as I have 366 tips to find!