Tuesday, 27 December 2011

365 thrifty days till Christmas

After eating up some of the left overs from Christmas day at Mum and Dads, Taryn pointed out to me that even though we watched several programmes by various exciting (or was that excited?) Chef's on how to make delicious and unusual left over turkey recipes we always end up making 'butties' (British for sandwiches) with just a bit of everything left on them, still, we have not had to buy any food for 3 days!

Today Mr Juicy and I had to brave a 'Supermarket' as all the bulbs in the kitchen had gone, and although I have an ample stash of tea lights, it wasn't going to cut it! 
As we had to drive to a nearby town to visit family we made sure we went to a supermarket on the way to save on fuel, and as always I had the above 'mantra' firmly fixed in my mind. As you can imagine the left hand side is the side I seam firmly planted on. 
We bought EXACTLY what we needed and NOTHING else, in fact we did not even venture down any sale isles because the temptation of a bargain I don't need and cannot afford can be very strong! 
You may recognise the mantra from the Money Saving Expert's web site, and my advice is that if you have never been onto the site, click on the mantra and go take a look, there is something for everyone there, and even better, sign up for the weekly news letter! 

oh, and thanks for the comments and idea's - keep them coming, 366 thrifty tips is a lot to come up with! 


KC'sCourt! said...

I try and take a shopping list and stick to it - or better still I send husband with said shopping list on his own he doesn't buy extras!!
Julie xxxxxxxxx


I do a shopping list then shop online through the Moneysaving Supermarket comparison wesite. The £3 delivery charge is comparatble to the fuel cost of the van should we go to our nearest supermarket.
A young man actually carries it into my kitchen! which to be is wonderful thing, no carting about heavy bags, and it means I can go through my shopping 'basket' again and again, cutting back on things and replacing some products with cheaper alternatives.
It gives me a total of the price so I know exactly what I am spending... or not. I find its the best money saver for me, no temptation.
Keep up the frugal tips ... just love it.

Vicky x